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Scanner Receiving Issues

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Sep 16, 2016
I have a Uniden Bearcat BC355C Scanner, that worked fine with a mag mount antenna. This set was installed in a GMC Yukon. I recently purchased a Traverse and am trying to install it in the new vehicle. The issue is the there is very little metal on the vehicle. The mag mount is not an option due to the height of the opening of my garage. I next tried a Tram Window mount, did not work well at all. It provided spotty reception at best and the transmission would drop out quite often. Plan C involves a Tram with a trunk mount attached to the hood. No metal on the hood only carbon fiber. The reception of this antenna is same as the glass mount, spotty and intermittent. What am I missing? I have verified the performance against a hand held.

The majority of my listening is done from 150-170 Mhz and 440 Mhz

Any help is appreciated


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Aug 12, 2016
Unless the hood is aftermarket I dont think its carbon fiber... aluminum yes but carbon fiber no. I have one of these in my silverado and it works pretty good.

Scanner Antenna Uniden Motorola Radio BNC Glass Mount 4" Mobile Full Band L5YG | eBay

They are cheap enough to try and I get a little better results than my rubber duck using it. Place it vertical on the upper corner of the windshield or a rear window with out the heater elements.

Here is another version.

BNC Glass Mount Scanner Antenna for Uniden RadioShack Gre Whisler | eBay

There is also many 10" mini mag mounts that would do the job. That is if you have the height to fit into your garage. I was at the Ham Radio Outlet today and I saw a few folding NMO mount antennas... But I did not look at them to closely.

Best of luck to you sir

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