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Aug 25, 2011
Evansville, IN
OET -- FCC ID Search

It is possible to search for the operating frequency range of any device with an fccid number by clicking the link above. I figure this is valuable information, and this post should do away with the need to do a Google search.

I have found that you don't find the best information using the fccid number it'sself, but take note of it, because if you click the advanced searchoption, you can search by manufacturor. This can be teeteous if that particular company makes many different fcc regulated products, but you can keep the id handy and simply skim the list until you find what you're looking for.

I decided to bookmark the url when I was looking for the following information. I was curious about the emergency pendants used by elderly and disabled people for help in an emergency. These are 2-way voice units with a short operating range. Models manufactured by Logicmark use the following frequencies.

One model uses frequencies ranging from 902.8 to 904.7 and 925.3 to 927.2. I'm guessing this is a frequency pair for base and handset.

I have no guarantee that the other models are 2way voice. Some pendants simply cue the alarm service to call you when you press the button. Other Logicmark models use a range from 903.2 to 926.3 as well as 1921.536 to 1928.448 MHz. These had different model numbers entirely, so I don't quite know what makes them different and therefore in need of a different frequency. I know there's a cellular band up in the 1900's, but I think it starts at 1945 MHz. I think this might be AMPS.
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