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Siren Feature Requests

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Jul 18, 2014
Siren has some user-definable Service Types. It would be nice to rename them to whatever they are actually being used for. So instead of having to remember the difference between "Custom 1" and "Custom 5", you could rename them to "Railroad Dispatch" and "Radio Astronomy" or whatever.

Also, can we PLEASE have an actual search function? "Add Channels On Range" is about the most unintuitive name for searching possible, and is more or less useless if you want to find one or two frequencies to add to a Favorites list.

It would be really nice if you could right-click on a state or country in the main database, select "Search" from the pop-up menu, and get a dialog similar to the current "Add Channels On Range" dialog, but with the addition of a text box to enter a search term, and a list box for search results. So if you wanted to find all frequencies used by Costco within 300 miles of Boulder, Colorado, you could search USA for "Costco", service type Business, ZIP 80310, Range 300, and get a list of results you could select either individually or en masse, and then add the selected item(s) to a Favorites List.
Not open for further replies.