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Snowbirds 3 simultaneous freqs

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Dec 19, 2009
Edmonton, Alberta
Good afternoon all.

At the Wetaskawin Air Show today the Snowbirds put in an appearance with their 2010 High Display. A great show, and interestingly they were using 3 frequencies throughout the display, and a 4th for communicating with the Show Boss.

Main air-air comms were on 272.100MHz.
Secondary comms (for split pairs) were on 116.000MHz.
Additional Snowbird comms were received on 119.150MHz - this was a discrete channel issued to several display aircraft for air-air comms. I was surprised to hear the snowbirds on this frequency.

There were also some comms on 123.500MHz for arranging timings etc with the Air Show Boss.

The main air-air comms frequency of 272.100MHz was by far the busiest during the Snowbirds display and this is the channel that was occasionally patched into the PA system by Snowbird 10 on the ground.
Interestingly the F-18 hornet used 272.100MHz for wind checks with Snowbird 10 (on the ground) prior to his fly pasts.
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