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Icom: Struggling understanding about DPRS, iGate, and APRS

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Jul 7, 2007
I am using a ID51+2 I can access the Dstar system just fine. I am registered on my local club repeater and have been told that it has a iGate to update APRS.fi.

I could never get my call to show up on APRS. I checked the setting and unproto, created a text, and selected a symbol.

For some reason I thought to try a different local repeater. Boom! It worked! I set the From to the repeater and the To gateway to the same repeater.

I tried to gateway to the first repeater and it didn’t work.

Just curious how the back end works and how I use APRS going forward with Icom and Dprs. If I enable auto transmit and go out of range of the repeater that works what happens?


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Jan 15, 2013
Some repeaters do not pass your DPRS data to the internet.

Also, some repeaters ONLY pass your DPRS data if you are using the gateway.

This all depends on the repeater owner and how they have setup the machine.

If you enable auto transmit, that might annoy some people. Your call sign will flash on their radio but you obviously would not be transmitting anything voice wise. If you go out of range, then you go out of range. Your signal will not be getting into the repeater just like a normal analog repeater.

Have fun with D-Star.
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