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TazCom EDACS takes several seconds to scan

Jan 9, 2019
I live in Pekin and have ALL the sites and ALL the frequencies programmed into my home patrol 2
that are listed in the database for the tazcom system. My question is, do I need ALL the sites and ALL
the frequencies programmed to hear everything for all the cities listed in database? The reason I ask is because when scanning, my hp2 sits on tazcom system for about 6 or 8 secs before moving on to scan other stuff.
Is this because the scanner has to check all the sites?


Dec 14, 2001
Far NW Valley
On an EDACS system you do need ALL the channels and the LCN's applied properly.

As to what sites you need to have that depends. If you think you can hear other sites it is usually a good idea to have them but if you are not likely to be able to hear it then do not include them. Remember that it takes time to check each site for activity and if the radio is checking sites that you will not be able to hear it can miss traffic on ones you can.

If you are scanning from the full database you cannot delete Sites so create a Favorites List.