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The new Baofeng UV8-R++ for 2014!

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Feb 10, 2005
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Here it is folks, the inside story on the next big cheap Chinese radio! Scheduled for release in early 2014, the Baofeng UV8-R++ is packed with awesome features! Notice it has two "+" marks because it's just that amazing!

Here's a list of features:
  • Receive AND Transmit: VHF: 70-299.990 MHz, UHF: 300-1200 MHz. It even transmits in the FM Broadcast Band! Be your own FM Radio DJ!!!
  • Built in flashlight, strobe light, cigarette lighter, and bottle opener.
  • Several "CB like" roger beeps built in, cannot be disabled!
  • FCC Part 80, 87, 90, and 95 certified!
  • Easy to program! Just type in a frequency, offset, and PL tone. Press "Memory" key. To confirm memory is stored, a sexy Chinese female voice will respond with "I'm sorry, you programmed that incorrectly. Please try again."
  • Virtually indestructible, made from stolen NASA technology!
  • Male BNC antenna connector! You'll have to buy an adapter to use another antenna on the radio!
  • Rubber duck antenna measuring 4" in length! You can get up to 30 feet on the stock antenna, amazing!
The Chinese government would like to thank the US Amateur Radio operators for supporting the Chinese economy! For a limited time, every new Baofeng will come with a secret embedded Wi-Fi chip! Take this little handheld radio everywhere you go! It will connect to your home and work Wi-Fi and send valuable data back to the Chinese government.

The best part? This radio is ONLY $19.95 !!!

But wait, there's more!

For the first 1000 orders, they will include the following for only an additioinal $14.95!
  • USB programming cable, includes drivers for Windows 3.11.
  • A second USB programming cable, because the first one probably won't work.
  • A photograph of happy Chinese worker who helped assemble your radio for $0.80/hr!
Be sure to be on the lookout for this radio on Amazon and eBay early next year!!!
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Jul 8, 2002
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Along with all that, you get the Easy Rider Rifle Rack. Holds not 1, not 2, but three of your favorite rifles! Order now and get the Roncomatic fishing pole and scaler!


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Apr 29, 2010
Baofeng uv-8

I bought one like an idiot there is no software and no way to program this thing totally useless so if you are looking dont buy it
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