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Theoretical trunking question...

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Aug 26, 2016
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Just have a theoretical trunking question. Assuming I had an unlimited amount of money would it be possible to set up a Motorola P25 trunking network on UHF or VHF with out special Motorola techs?


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Oct 4, 2007
Implementing an ASTRO 25 trunked system is an enormous, complicated undertaking that involves quite a few pieces of hardware and software, all of which eventually come together to form a complete system. One does not simply buy a few repeaters and call it a day. The backbone of these systems is essentially a complex computer "core" comprised of servers, routers, switches, IP networking, etc., and that's even before we get to any actual RF components like comparators, repeaters, etc.

So while yes, it's theoretically possible to possess the abundance of skill, knowledge, and experience necessary to design and implement one of these systems, it's hardly feasible in the real world to do so without Motorola being involved.

You would also need to license features and software from Motorola, so it's hardly a turnkey operation where you just order the hardware and plug stuff into an wall outlet.

As a practical matter, the answer to your question would be "not so much, no".

Is there a point to this hypothetical question? Because honestly, it doesn't make much sense without any context.
Jul 27, 2005
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So I wouldn't need any special access programs or keys?

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You would need system specific programming software, and as stated, a lot of knowledge, understanding, and background. This isn't something you'd buy off e-bay and throw together in your garage, unless you really had nothing better to do.

And, as stated, it wouldn't need to be Motorola, there are a few companies that make perfectly acceptable P25 trunked systems. Motorola is just one of them.

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