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Trouble Listening to ARMER

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Apr 20, 2010
A few years ago I bought a PSR-500 and have never really been able to get it to monitor ARMER very well. It only seems to decode about 10% of the transmissions.

Has anyone had any similar problems? I've tried using the "multi-site" setting to make it better to no avail. Is the PSR-500 just not a good scanner for ARMER?
Aug 5, 2012
Dakota County, MN
(I don't have a scanner, but have spent lots* of time trying to improve my ARMER reception.)

From prior messages, I gather you are in Washington County. Is the scanner just listening for site 1-5 (853.7375)? If not, I would try that.

Have you tried picking a neighboring county's site? That probably wouldn't accomplish what you want out of a scanner, but it might help identify the problem.

Have you tried moving the scanner? How about putting it on a windowsill? Is the antenna connected and vertical? How about outside?

* and lots and lots and lots and lots...
Jan 27, 2006
Nobles, Mn
PSR-500 Reception

Hi Simonetm,
I have been using the PSR-500 on ARMER for a few years now. The reception has been very good as long as you don't overload the front end. I only use a signal amplifier for long range reception.
This scanner is very sensitive to overload. If you overload it, it will not receive anything. Depending on how close the tower is, you might also have to use attenuation. Hope this helps.
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