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Trouble with my 396

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Jul 29, 2002
Eastern Shore, Maryland

I programed the digital systems in my 396 using P-25 and entered all the freqencies, groups and talkgroups and received nothing. I looked at the frequencies and did hear the control channel. Someone told me that I need to start a new system as 800 standard, use the control channel menu and enter the control channel. That worked. Now, do I then have to re-enter all the talkgroups. That's ok when I 'm located but I drive thru Delaware and there must be a million talkgroups. Is there a way to use the talkgroups from the system that doesn't work?
I haven't updated the firmware yet.
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Silent Key - Aug 2014
Oct 20, 2002
Katy, TX
cpuerror said:
You can copy talkgroups from system to system
Pretty tedious on the radio.

Download the free UASD software for the 396T, install it, then read the radio onto the computer. Go into the systems folder (should be in your "My Documents" folder, and follow the tree down), the files themselves are just ASCII files, open them with Notepad and copy the TG stuff from the old one you set up to the new one, then upload back to the radio.

This is a lesson in paying attention to what we have in the database as a system type.
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