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TRX-1 all mode & all squelch code scanlist

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Jul 18, 2016
I've strored arround 100 frequencies by doing a limit search between 400 mhz and 500 mhz for a week.

All had been stored in scanlist 1. (so 93 stored search frequencies in "Conventional Frequencies" and arround 200 strored search in scanlist 1, due to duplicate frequencies with different squelch code)

Then I wanted to be able to monitor all kind of squelch code and all kind of modulation mode (am, fm, nfm, dmr). So I had set squelch to "search" and Mode to "auto" in Conventional Frequencies.

I deleted scanlist 1, and reprogramed it to be the same as "Conventional Frequencies"

Now when I scan "scanlist 1" I'm not able to hear voice from DMR, its noise burst like when listening in analog mode. (Probably because scanlist 1 is in analog mode)

Should I create a scanlist just for analog frequencies and another one just for DMR ?

I would like to be able to stop on a frequency in scanlist 1 and be able to monitor all mode and all squelch code from that frequency ? (I also want to be able to see TGID and Squelch Code)

How can I do this ?
Sep 8, 2006
Stockholm, Sweden
There is no auto mode for digital/analog demodulation in TRX scanners when you program a channel, like there is on BCDx36HP. It only works in search mode.

You will have to set a DMR channel to DMR modulation in scanlists.
I don't know why it doesn't work in scanlists, when the technology is there in search mode.
I have earlier reported this as a bug. We have to wait for the NXDN release until any bug fixes will get some attention.



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Nov 25, 2015
Correct, you'll need a separate copy just for DMR.

And, even for P25, sometimes the radio gets confused if you don't specifically tell it digital (i.e. you get to hear the analog buzz version of the call).
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