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Ultra-Low Frequency (ULF) Carrier Waves

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Nov 4, 2010
Since December 2008, I have recorded continual attacks using "non-leathal" weapons systems upon my neighbors, family and myself. These high-tech silent weapons utilize microwaves, High magnetic pulse generators, Harmonics Wave generators (etherwaves), and other technologies such as "remote neural monitoring." These tools use about every variety of RF message and carrier signals, and every known modulation technique.
I have documented ULF Carrier waves ranging from 9.7 Hz to 50.0 Hz and Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) carrier waves ranging from 50.0 Hz to 100 Hz. I have picked up these signals in the air, on the ground, from my house telephone, my cell phone, my computer, and other locations. So far as I know, the use of ULF carrier waves is illegal for anyone NOT on official NSA (or CIA) business. These signals are relentless, and a brutal method of electronic harassment.
Could anyone with expertise in this area view these wave forms and provide me with some confirmation of my claim that: (A) The technology must exist by virtue of the wave forms produced, and; (B) My assessment of these RF transmissions is either true or false. You may access most of my data by these links:

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Thank you for you interest and speedy reply.

Roger Thompson


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Feb 17, 2005
Mesa, AZ
The links are email addresses, they of course don't go anywhere.


Jun 18, 2010
Fairhaven MA / San Jose CA / Kihei HI
I did a search for ELF carrier waves in my house. Almost every room showed strong ELF carrier waves at 59.9997 Hz, with harmonics at approximately 120 and 180Hz.

I then did a check with a photometer and found that when I am near my computer screen that I'm exposed to optical radiation with a carrier wave of 75Hz and multiple harmonics out to 60kHz.

The situation is dire, and I would further investigate the sources of these radiations except that my home apparently was exposed to a chemical attack overnight.

This morning I found my lawn and deck coated with a thin layer of dihydrogen monoxide.

I expressed my concern about the dihydrogen monoxide to my neighbor and amazingly, he showed no concern. Furthermore he assured me that the dihydrogen monoxide would no longer be a problem after being exposed to a few hours of radiation from a nuclear fusion reactor.

When I expressed further concern about the use of a radioactive fusion energy source to remove the dihydrogen monoxide, he assured me that the nuclear fusion reactor was located at a safe distance of about 93 million miles.

Harmonics, ELF waves, dihydrogen monoxide, radiation from fusion reactors ........ it's been a rough morning.


Better put on your aluminum foil hat... and if your worried about reproduction an aluminum foil nut cup...


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Mar 19, 2006
Fulton, NY
That's the problem..... the tin foil hats of yesterday have been replaced by ALUMINUM foil. The man has duped everyone into thinking they are safe with this tin alternative. Many people don't even know the difference.
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