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Unitrunker audio output and DSD+ 1.51 issue

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Jan 18, 2003
Land of mixed mode digital comms
Started playing with Unitrunker software and two dongles and I have to say awesome and sadly easier to control then my Uniden 436HP. However, I am having two slight issues and I am not sure if it is something I am doing on my end or not.

Unitrunker side -

So I have one dongle setup as Signal and the other as Voice. However, on the voice one for the digital audio output selection I can only choose VB Cable Output. I should say I can choose speakers but the main one I am looking for is VB Cable Input like on SDRSharp

DSD+ 1.51 side -

In opening it and running it under DOS (Windows + R, cmd, then execute) I can only select VB cable Input as an option for input.

So as you can see the issue is that the audio being routed out of Unitrunker is going to the wrong place that DSD+ cannot pick up.

Weird issue -

So when I was playing with it a short time I did get it to work but it seems that after ''x' period of time it stops decoding the audio. This is only using Unitrunker and DSD+ as if I run SDRSharp and DSD+, even through the plugin, I have no issue at all.

So what am I doing wrong here or what should I be doing?
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