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West Point Suggestions

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Apr 14, 2003
Red Bank New Jersey
I will be visiting the West Point area this coming weekend. Looking for suggestions on active frequencies to monitor- local PD, fire dispatch + EMS. How easy is it to set up the West Point trunk? I have a RS 106.


Aug 5, 2011
I missed your last trip...but if you come up again, here's some help regarding frequencies. I do not have a PRO106, so I can't help you there.

West Point is one of two hamlets in the Town of Highlands, Orange County, New York (the other is Fort Montgomery).

Highlands Police: 470.5625, NAC 110 (linked to 155.850, 107.2)
Town of Highlands Ambulance Corps (ThAc): Dispatch - 158.940, 151.4. Response - 470.5875, NAC 210 (linked to 153.860, 77.0)
Townwide (HPD/ThAc/DPW common): 470.6125, NAC 310
Fire dispatch: 154.205, 123.0

Also within the Town of Highlands is the Village of Highland Falls.

Police: 160.215, 151.4 (makes extensive use of NYCOMCO's EDACS system for secondary radio traffic, so you'll need to load in both the USMA trunked system and NYCOM's Beacon tower to catch all area radio traffic).
Fire: 460.4125, DPL 411. 460.475, DPL 423 (linked to 46.160, 123.0)

Much of what isn't controlled by the Army in the town is state park land.

NYS Park Police - Region 8: 154.890, 151.4
NYS Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historical Preservation / Palisades Interstate Park Commission: 37.940, 97.4
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