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Wetaskawin Air Show frequencies

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Dec 19, 2009
Edmonton, Alberta
Was at the Wetaskawin Air Show (Wetaskiwin Air Show) today and picked up the following frequencies. If you are going tomorrow I would expect the same set of freqs to be in use!

123.500MHz. This was the Show Boss arranging traffic and running the show. Reverted to Unicom after the show was completed.

119.150MHz. The discrete channel, primarily air to air comms for the various performers (Team Rocket, Granely family, Glider & tow plane etc). This channel was also patched in to the PA system so performers could "talk" to the audience from time to time.

131.500MHz. Skyhawks parachute team used this frequency for wind checks and air / ground with their man on the ground.

Snowbirds : used 272.100MHz, 116.000MHz & 119.150MHz during their display. See my other post for more details on how they used all 3 frequencies - http://forums.radioreference.com/prairies-pacific-coast/187755-snowbirds-3-simultaneous-freqs.html

Non Aviation frequencies used at the display
170.4875MHz with a 203.5Hz CTCSS tone. General comm channel used by volunteers teams, drivers, VIP shuttles, lost & found etc.

155.670MHz. RCMP simplex channel with CTCSS of 123Hz. They had officers directing traffic coming into the airfield, foot patrols & bicycle patrols on the site.

There would have been more frequencies in use but I didn't spend any more time searching. Other services who were there included Edmonton airport FIRE and Peace Hill EMS. I did hear comms from a radio in the Reynolds Museum but this was prior to me setting up the 2 scanners for the show. I didn't search for this frequency.

Some volunteers were also on another frequency (in the info / first aid tent) but any time I was near they were receiving but not transmitting, so the Close Call didn't pick that channel up :-(

The airshow is on again tomorrow (Sunday 8th August), and some of these frequencies may be in use again at the Rocky Mountain House airshow on 11th August.

Happy listening!
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