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Whistler Software Bug - Disappeared Folders

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Dec 11, 2009
San Ramon, CA USA
Hi, I was updating my scanlists today and ran into a problem where trying to copy scanlists data to the scanner showed that I had no folders locally, even though I was looking at the scanlists in that folder.

I think this is how it happened.
I was copying data to the scanner and I selected to copy the changes only. I was connected via usb cable to the scanner and I had updated everything (cpu,dsp,library) earlier that day. I was copying a new v folder, not the default CDATA. I had selected to copy changes only. Software was scanning through scanner's folders to check what changed to update and then it threw an error saying Timed Out. I think I might have restarted the scanner and then attempted to copy the data again but the CDATA_001 or whatever its called folder was no longer offered in the list to select which folder to copy or delete from the scanner. Although the default folder was still there locally, just not my folder.
I had to restart the software and then that folder was in the lost to select to copy to the scanner.
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