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    iScan PRO 107 Conventional vs Trunked

    I'm new to Trunked Systems, but I've noticed something odd with my RS iScan PRO 107. If I create a Playlist with only Trunked Systems and play only that Playlist, I get a lot of activity from the Trunked Systems. If I add conventional channels to the Playlist or created a separate playlist and...
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    PRO-107 refurb $130 new on sale $170

    PRO-107 refurb $130, new on sale $170 (expires 3/12/11) Refurb product #20-052 New on Sale product #20-107 I am sure someone would find these prices if they were looking, but thought they might be low enough to make an "impulse" purchase if one wasn't actively considering the 107. The last two...
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    KCMO PD - can't recieve broadcasts...Pro-107

    Disclaimer: I am relatively new to wireless radio comms but I understand all the concepts (talkgroups, trunking, etc.) I just purchased a RadioShack Pro 107 (trunking scanner) and I receive comms from OP, Lenexa (I believe), Raytown, etc, but I live in middle KC and I am not getting any comms...