2 meter

  1. amoking

    North DFW 2m repeater activity?

    All. In Northern Dallas area. McKinney to be exact. Does anybody have any recommendations for 'active' 2m repeaters? I have tried W5MRC and K5PRK and...crickets. Those two are the closest to me and are maintained by the local clubs. Any other recommendations? 73
  2. Sheepdog777


    Hello Fellow Hams and Radio Enthusiasts, Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the approaching Spring. Hopefully, this will be one of the last cold days for Missouri this year… Let’s See What Happens. I know there is eleventy thousand Prefabricated Dual Band VHF/UHF Antennas out there, but...
  3. amoking

    Benefit 200W amp for mobile 2M Simplex?

    Hello All. I was chatting with mmckenna about this a couple days ago and thought I would take it to the masses: I have a Kenwood TM-V71A in my truck. NMO mounted Laird 5/8 antenna with an SWR of 1.1 on 146mhz. Install is as tight as a drum. As it pertains to 2M SIMPLEX will I get any...
  4. KC3SNR

    Icom: icom 207 programming offset manually ? UL 2m / DL 70cm...

    Trying to get this 207 to transmit on 2 m and receive on 70 cm. What am I doing wrong I thought all icom's were generally programmed the same. T/UL - 145.990 R/DL- 437.800 When I get to that point in the menu.. there is no option to split the frequency manually ? You cant just turn duplex off...
  5. Sold: Kenwood TR-7950 2-meter mobile rig

    Sold: Kenwood TR-7950 2-meter mobile rig

    ** SOLD, thank you ** For sale is one used Kenwood TR-7950 2-meter mobile rig with great audio and a decent display. Kenwood quality. Excludes microphone, tone board, power cable, VHF antenna or 12V/13.8VDC power supply- only includes what’s show in the photos. All front switches and keypad are...
  6. amoking

    auto tone decode?

    Hi All, I am returning to the hobby and am more of a 2M/70cm listener than a talker. I often drive long stretches throughout the western states. Is there any new tech out there in the mobile units (Kenwood, ICOM) that allow for auto tone decode when a band scan hits a repeater? I have the...
  7. andrewvickery1

    2 meter j-pole

    Ok question, I am wanting to build a 2 meter j-pole and have looked at 100's of designs and have noticed that some have the short leg as the driven element and some have the long as the driven element. I am totaly confused. Please help.
  8. H

    JPole Antenna for Baofeng?

    I purchased a Baofeng BFF8HP recently, and I am considering buying a JPole Antenna to mount on my roof. I currently have the radio connected using RG-58 coaxial cable to a 26 inch Radio Shack antenna on a vent pipe on my roof (yes, Radio Shack came through for me in this day and age), and I'm...
  9. WX9RLT

    What is the best 2 meter antenna?

    What is the BEST 2 meter/440 antenna? Looking for high DBI, low swr, etc..... Price is not an issue. Note: I currently run a tram 1480 dual band antenna. I am pretty happy with it. I just want to hear other peoples opinion on other antennas.
  10. T

    Common VHF Frequencies

    Hey everyone, Happy New Year! I have a friend who is interested in scanning the 2 meter band on VHF. As i am an public safety scanner I don't monitor VHF very often. Are there any common frequencies that have a good amount of traffic I can point him to. Maybe national calling channels and...
  11. K

    2 meter repeater linked system

    Due to health reasons, I've been out of the loop for awhile on the status of the linked repeater systems for central Iowa. Used to be that 147.075 was the flagship for an RF type system that went border to border, north / south. Upon reviewing the SKYWARN page on the NWS Des Moines site, I...
  12. D

    Indoor 2-meter antenna?

    I have restrictions where I live about antennas. But I have a work space that is my shack and it is on the 2nd floor. I was thinking about a J-pole for 2 meter inside. What do people think about this or do you have other suggestions. I have a walk in attic as well but the walk in side is on...
  13. D

    2 meter trunk mount recommendation?

    Looking for recommendations Honda Civic LX 4 door (2014) I'm using Kenwood TH-F6 triband (handheld) 95% on 2 meter 4% on 70CM 1% on 1.25 meter Hand held now but will install a mobile unit in the next 12 months. I'm looking for antenna recommendations and trunk mount bracket recommendations...
  14. S

    Can FM receiver hear AM signals

    I heard at one point that an FM reciever will be able to pick up AM radio signals. •Can I pick up audible airplane signals from my 2 meter ham radio, which receives down to 118 megahertz? •What frequency should I start with if I am in the Denver CO?
  15. B

    Don's 2 Meter Extreme Dream Beam Antenna

    Building the ultimate 2 meter ham radio beam antenna with local parts. This video shows how to build it and the parts you will need, and analyzer performance stats for frequency and swr. Don's 2 Meter Extreme Dream Beam Antenna - YouTube
  16. G

    ICOM IC-211 Repair

    I just bought an ICOM IC-211 VHF (2 meter) All-mode base rig on E-Bay. Power turns on, but neither VFO lights. Does anyone have any ideas or can you recommend an ICOM repair shop that is affordable? 73, Gregg, N2UUP
  17. BakeryBoy

    VHF 2 meter

    When programming a scanner, do you use the high or low repeater frequency for VHF amateur 2 meter?
  18. R

    Mobile 2 Meter Install in 2006 Mustang

    Hello all, I'm new here. I have been a General licensed ham for 20 years and used to be somewhat active on the bands. Then life took over...marriage, kids, job, etc. I'm slowly getting back into the hobby. I've always enjoyed CW as well as other modes and want to get back into those. I...
  19. K

    Scanner Digital / Analog (2 meter) ?

    Those in the Detroit Metro area know that the area has switched to digital, except Dearborn. Can anyone tell me if there is a single scanner that can monitor both at the same time. I have business in 4 metro cities and would like to get a single mobile scanner. Any suggestions on a scanner...