2 meters

  1. marksroberson

    Good Base 2 meter antenna

    I have recently moved to a house on the side of a hill, and am getting ready to put my antennas up on the side of the house, and was wondering what to get. and since I am on the side of a hill, I can access all of the repeaters north of me but not south, so preferably a directional antenna but...
  2. S

    Mod'ing a fiberglass CB antenna for use on VHF

    I've a vehicle with a standard Radio Shack fiberglass CB vertical antenna mounted to the roof rack with a decent bracket. I've no desire to run 27 MHz but was thinking I could tune it to use on 144 or maybe even 6m. Anyone have experience with doing this easily? Would think I could cut it down...
  3. D

    2 Meter Recommendation for new Ham

    Hello all, My first post. I live in the Richmond, VA area (far west end). I will be testing for technician on Thursday. I've been studying for a few weeks and expect to pass. I'm looking for recommendations for a 2 Meter Mobile radio that can act as a base as well. Also what mobile...
  4. R

    A PVC 20+ Foot Tall Tower For The Shack

    This was a goofy project. PVC is not great for antenna masts or towers due to UV breakdown. But the materials were so cheap I thought I would give it a try. I'm not expecting this to last for more than a year or two. And probably less if we get dinged with a major storm, but for the time...