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    i have a tk-2180 and the 2 tone decode only reads moto 1+1 quick call 2, 1 sec/3 sec tones. well our dispatch uses those for a couple stations but also uses .4sec/.8sec and my radio wont decode those. Anyone got any ideas or maybe point me in the right direction.
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    TC-780 2 Tone Paging

    I am trying to program several HYT TC-780 radios. I was told by the dealer that I purchased the radios from that the radios are capable of having a 2 tone pager that is closed (will not broadcast audio until a call is received) however I have not been able to find out how to program this. Any...
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    TK-5720 - Pager channel

    I'm new to the programming side of these radios. I have a channel coded labeled as "Pager" this is a channel that reacts to the CAP code for the department. It opens and broadcasts when the codes are received just fine, but I am trying to get it where the channel stays open and requires it to...
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    QCII Motorola XTS5000

    Hey everyone, I have a question to ask about setting QCII on the XTS5000. Back a few years one of the ambulance corps where i volunteered had HT1000 and we used them as our radio and pager. You would be able to use the ABC selector switch as to switch from alerting to tones as A setting was to...
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    2 Tone Issue on pair of VX-414's

    I have been trying to figure out how to set up the 2 tone programming on a pair of Vertex VX-414 HT's. After searching the forum and google, I have managed to blunder my way through setting it up. All my testing was done at Low power on a locally unused MURS channel. These radios are only for...
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    Vertex Radio Encoding Issues

    I have brand new 454 portables with a matching mobile that I am working with. I have programmed several other radios for 2 tone encoding before and I generally have no issues but here is my problem. When I go to send the 2 tone page the radio gives the audible tone but does not go across the...
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    F3161 2 Tone Programming

    I understand that I must program one of the buttons to CALL in order to set the tones. I also see that in the channel list under 2 tone, you can program one of the 2 tone signals from the 2 tone list. If there are multiple 2 tone signals I want to send out on a single frequency, is there a way...