20-047 cable adapter

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    win 500 v 2.02 usb/com cable problem

    I am running win 500 v 2.02 and using radioshack 20-047 pc cable. I have used the cable to program my radioshack pro 106 digital scanner. Everything has always worked great for the past two years. I went to download data from my scanner to the win 500 software and this message comes up "Error...
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    Pro-197 (GRE-600) programming setup help?

    Hello. I feel very stupid asking this question. I am not totally ignorant of scanner programming, as I have successfully programmed via software my Pro-96 using Win96 by Starrsoft. When my Mom bought a Pro-197(GRE-600) and asked me to program it, I thought i should be able to do it with no...
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    Cable Adapter Required for PSR-300?

    Rank newbie trying to download from scanner to ARC300 software. No go. Have a 20-047 cable. Haven't upgraded firmware to v. 1.04. USB-to-serial port seems to be configured correctly and properly identified. Questions: (1) Is the 3-inch adapter cable required? (2) What should I be seeing...