1. D

    BC346XT: Uniden vs Whistler

    Well, I believe I've made the same mistake twice !!! I purchased a 346XTC a couple of years ago, one reason was the remote control head which I unceremoniously found was discontinued AFTER I bought the scanner, the second is 2 years worth of confussion and the inability to program this unit the...
  2. tateconcepts

    Uniden 346XT Inline Decoding to DSD/Unitrunker questions

    Hello RR, I figured you might be the guys to answer some questions I have about the BCD-346XT/396XT and Unitrunker. I read these threads and they on partially helped answer my question so I will be doing another in hopes of better answers...
  3. radioscan

    Need help with programming file for Horry County.

    I created a file for the 346XT for Horry County and the person I created it for is reporting not receiving anything. Can someone in that area give this file a try and see what may be wrong with it? This file was created with Freescan. Thanks.
  4. H

    346XT does not charge batteries

    Hi.. I've got a 346XT handheld that has all of a sudden stopped charging the batteries over the past few days. I checked the batteries they are fine (they charge in an external charger) as well as put in different batteires (Sanyo Eneloops) and the voltage will rise just a touch when the charger...
  5. Dots

    346XT and MSPD sites?

    I have some programing experience with a 396 but I'm programing a 346 for a freind and I want to program Mass State PD. I'm using the ARC-XT Pro and it is easy to grab the data from Radio reference but... Problem is I'd like to programing it so where ever you are in the entire state you will be...
  6. W

    Uniden 346XT Radio IDs

    With the new firmware update, Uniden states it adds support for storing Unit IDs in channels with alpha tags Does anyone know how to program this in an EDACS system? I have a list of all the Unit IDs and their Alpha tags (IE. 6200 = WFS Mobile), but I have no idea how to get it into the radio...