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    Encryption compatibility TYT-MD380 and MD-680?

    Hello all, I have both the MD-380G and the MD-680 from Tytera. I am trying to encrypt the calls between both units, yet the encryption scheme seems to be incompatible - at least by the way one enters the keys. Is there a known way to encrypt the digital voice communication between these two...
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    System ID: 001 WACN: 33744 - Area51 / Basecamp NEW Trunking System

    DreamlandResort.com has some new info they found in March,2012. 6 sites listed. Area 51 / Basecamp Trunking System System ID: 001 - WACN: 33744 - NAC: 010 Band: UHF Mil. Air (380-390 MHz) http://www.dreamlandresort.com/info/scanner_trunking.html Get out your P25 scanner & Pro96com software :D
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    Montgomery County ALPHA Paging System

    Hello. I'm looking for some information to program my Apollo Pilot pager. I already have a few capcodes due to some helpful information from another post here, but there is another capcode that I need. I am looking for the SARS 380 Rescue capcode (I'm involved with the Search Dog Team)...