1. S

    OPP Zone 2 on a BCD 396T

    I have tried programming my 396T using ARC396PRO with my RR subscription to program the scanner, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to hear OPP on SCAN mode. It works on SEARCH. I can hear the MOH talkgroups no problem on SCAN mode, it just doesn't ever stop on OPP talkgroups. Must...
  2. johnnyelectron

    396XT replaced by 396T issues

    Yeah, I know, I moved backwards. The 396XT worked without issues until it disappeared. Bought a 396T, thinking it would be a breeze to program with the control channels=WRONG. No dice. No audio. I can only assume it's because the 396T was 'born' before the XT? Can the 396T do 700MHz and do I...
  3. johnnyelectron

    Lucas/NW & MARCS reband 396T

    Hello, had a working 396XT on Lucas/NW Ohio simulcast and on the Toledo MARCS site. 396XT downgrade, replaced by 396T Uniden. Control Channel programming a non-starter on MARCS or on Lucas County simulcast on the 396T. Is there a specific "Bandplan" template that I need to program in addition to...
  4. A

    BCD436HP/BCD536HP: PC Control

    is the 436 capable of virtual control as is my 396 and 996 with ARC software? Does sentinel have this capability, or is it strictly for working with the database? thanks, Al
  5. R

    396t and USB1 cable not working

    I know. . . another thread. I have been scouring through the forum looking for a solution to my problem, but can't seem to find it. Problem: I connect my 396t with a USB1 cable to a Win 7 machine. I've updated the PL2303 drivers, but for the life of me I cannot see the scanner. There are no...
  6. D

    Help programming scanner

    I have no idea why my scanner does not download the new information from this site. I must say I thought I did everything correct but as of now I have no clue of how to update the re-banded channels for Broward County Fl. I guess I need step by step instructions. Completely lost. Uniden 396t
  7. H

    backlight on display

    no matteer how i set my backlight i cant get it to come back on. Anyb.ody know anything about this? thanks for any and all help. It is a uniden bc396 T........trunktracker iv
  8. acedzero

    Unable to receive anything on Pearland, TX Frequencies

    Within the last few days I have stopped receiving anything for Pearland frequencies. I have a Uniden BC396T. I'm not sure what happened? Using ARC396 Pro, I redownloaded the data I have and sent it to the scanner again... no dice. Did something change? I'm kind of at a loss here...
  9. B

    BC396T Digital P25 Help Please

    I hope this is the right forum for my questions because I am using a Uniden BC396T. I am a long time conventional scanner, and an even longer time trunk tracker; but I am very new to this digital P25 TVRTS. I have three sites for the areas I live work and frequent. With my trunk scanning, I have...
  10. A

    Serial to USB

    396T, ARC 396 Pro, Win 7 64 bit, I've been trying for a few hours to set up a prolfic Serial to USB adapter. I've tried different ports, and baud rates to no avail. The Arc Pro software does not find the scanner. Does anyone have any hints, or success with this Cables to Go adapter, or do I...
  11. A

    ARC996-PRO saves all files as back ups.

    I've downloaded Butels latest and greatest, and have been able to import files to Main screen. I can view/edit the info in the file. When I "Save all open files", however, they are saved as back up files. ie. D_20 T20.53 etc. They do not save to the ARC996PRO folder. They can be found in...
  12. A

    firmware for 396t

    I believe it was Upman who recently wrote a step by step article on how to upgrade your firmware. I'm trying to locate that article. I've searched the forums and the wiki with no luck. I'm at Ver 1.13.17, and wish to go to Ver 3.xx. Do I need any updates that are in between? Thanks, Al
  13. A

    help - Mil Air Scanning

    I've pluged in 20 frequencies in the 300 range in my first attempt to scan Mil Air. When I scan that system I stop on the first frequency, and hang on the carrier wave. I must press scan to move to the next frequency where I hang again. I've set a 2 second delay, and played with the squelch...
  14. C

    396T help!!!!

    First post guys, please excuse my lack of radio knowledge. I purchased this scanner to listen to the local police who just switched over to the P25 digital system. I can not get this channel to work on my scanner. I used the ARC396 program to upload the frequencies to the scanner. Am I doing...
  15. L

    Scanning in Fairfax Co.

    Just looking to confirm a couple of things: Anyone in Fairfax Co. on this forum...? I live in Fairfax Co., and am looking at scanners. I am interested in Fairfax Co. Public Safety and the talkgroups for FD, PD & Sheriff (to start). Looks like I can go with the Bearcat BCD396T. (I've only...