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    SDS100/SDS200: Accessibility, firmware changes that would help

    My understanding of the SDS100 and the entire process behind programming it is still far from perfect. Up front I want to make several points clear since I have been blasted and flamed in other forums simply for expecting blind users to be provided with the same access and functional usage of...
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    Most accessible GMRS or combo rigs

    Hi all, I am interested in opinions about GMRS only or combo GMRS/FRS units, both handheld and base units. This is for my wife and myself. We both have Ham and GMRS licenses. What makes this request somewhat different is that we are both blind. About a decade ago I had a pair of GMRS handhelds...
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    Win500: Can Anything Be Done To Make It Easier To Use By A Blind User?

    Hi, I happen to be totally blind but have used and enjoyed scanners for many years. I purchased a Pro-96 scanner back in 2003, then purchased the Win96 program so i could maintain what was in the scanner. The program worked rather well for me using the special software I need to access a...