1. J

    Availability BC-UTGC Uniden GPS Adapter for SDS100

    Hello friends! Has anyone heard anything about when these cables will become available again? I ordered one from Gigaparts back in June and the ETA originally said August. I just checked their site and now it says September. They must be heavily constrained! I don’t want to lose my place in...
  2. K

    Motorola XPR6550

    I have just purchased a Motorola XPR6550. I am wondering if the proprietary antenna connector Motorola is using on this radio has a name. I was looking to purchase an adapter to use this radio on an outdoor antenna. It sounds silly given where the radio was built to be used but that doesn't...
  3. W

    What adapter do I need for the Home Patrol 1???

    I'm trying to replace the stock antenna on my home patrol 1. I went to Radio shack and purchased a 800mhz Handheld scanner without doing any research at all. Well come to find out I bought an antenna with a BNC connector. The Home Patrol seems to have a SMA connection. I came on here and saw...
  4. T

    Headset PTT adapter

    Have a standard Cobra CB radio with a 4 pin mic on the front. Would like to remove the mic and attach a kenwood or icom type headset. Does anyone know if there is an adapter available or if one could be rigged up? There is a 3.5mm male and a 2.5mm male on the kenwood headset. I assume i need a 4...
  5. T

    Yaesu: Considering the VX-8DR

    All, Background: I just recently have started looking into Ham radios, but as I haven't completed my exam yet I'm only in 'lurk mode'. I'm looking to use the radio primarily as a backup for when camping or traveling in areas of no cell phone reception (emergencies or just for fun). Over the...
  6. D

    adapter to put motorola 800 mhz antenna on scanner?

    Hey, a question for all you Motorola techs out there. Is there an adapter, or some other way to mate an antenna off of a Motorola 800 MHz radio to a scanner with a bnc female antenna jack. I'm having some issues picking up p25, and thought if I could put a professional antenna on the scanner...
  7. wm8s

    Motorola Microphone to Kenwood Radio adapter?

    Is there such a beast? I have a box of nice Motorola desk mics, and I'd like to use two of them on my Kenwood TM-D710As. If I weren't lazy, I could make an adapter (if the mics are compatible with the radios; I've haven't investigated that). But I'd much rather buy something nice that someone...
  8. kjvonly1611

    1/4" female to 2 pin male mic adapter exist?

    I've bought my first HF rig... a HeathKit SB-101 and am gathering the necessary hardware to get it on the air. It comes with the microphone plug attached to a clipped wire. I already have a high quality microphone with the standard 3 pin to 1/4" male cord. Does said adapter exist and if so where...
  9. F

    Serial to USB converter Suitable for Uniden Bearcat BC346XT?

    Hello all; I plan to purchase a Uniden Bearcat BC346XT, found at the link below, for use in the NYC area. I plan to use Freescan to program it myself, but I was curious to know whether or not the Serial to USB Adapter cable below would be compatible. It seems as if it has the correct chipset...
  10. S

    CDM750 Antenna

    What type of adapter do I need to connect my CDM750 to an antenna with a PL-259 connector? Thank you.
  11. M

    RS Wallwart for RS pro 404

    The RS 404 says min 400 milliamp and 9v. So, I got the 9v 800. Then, the young RS employee who wasn't even sure what I was talking about at first fitted a "C" plug to the wall wart. It fits fine, but not super snug. First, is RS's type C the right one? Second, the polarity being correct, I get...
  12. tyg5496

    pro-123 help... looking for motorola antenna adapter

    Hello. i have a eadioshack pro-123 scanner abd i was wondering if they made an adapter to put the motorola antenna onto the scanner. thank you!