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    Larsen tri-band to portable scanner

    I have a BCD436HP and a Larsen Tri-band antenna. I have a vehicle mount for the antenna but was looking to see if there is a way to direct mount the antenna to the scanner also? Wouldn't be used often but would like to have the option for times I'm away from the home antenna and outside the...
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    motorola portable antennas

    Hello, I'm in need of some Motorola expertise.... Reading through some forums, people swear that mx to bnc adapters for Motorola ht's work. I have a couple of the Waris and Mototrbo lines. Ht750/1250's and xpr 3300/6350. Looking at the antenna jacks on these radios, I feel that a bnc adapter...
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    Home patrol 1 & garmin gps18x PC

    I have been scanning with the BC200xlt and have just purchased the home patrol 1 and extreme upgrade. I purchased the garmin gps 18x PC to use while I drive cross country. I see that it needs special adapters to connect to home patrol 1. Does anyone have the information on those adapters and...