1. K

    EFJ 5100ES KFDShield FFP Keys not found

    I assembled the KFDShield, have the TRS to Hirose adapter, XTS adapter with the 2 pin jumper, and can load and read keys to the radios. When I disconnect the radio from the adapter after loading the keys I have tried changing the Channel Parameters > Key Select and there are no keys to choose...
  2. Motorola XTS2500 Model 3 (full keypad) with AES encryption

    Motorola XTS2500 Model 3 (full keypad) with AES encryption

    I am selling these portables, first come, first sold. These are in great condition and are military surplus. The HOST/DSP is R17+. The Flashcode for every radio is 160003-000100-8. Every radio has FPP activated and is P25. NONE have been modified so the tags and flash match. These were used...
  3. Floridarailfanning

    APX APX Supported Encryption Algorithms

    Which algorithms are currently supported in the APX BN radios? Obviously, AES-265 and the various flavors of DES but what about Fed/Mil options? I was logging TGs on a DOE system recently and found some algorithms that I wasn't familiar with like AES in CBC mode and Accordion 1.3. They use...
  4. I

    XTL/XTS5000 AES/UCM compatibility

    Howdy folks, long time lurker. Finally bit the bullet and decided to go with big M for my small group on our licensed business freq. The pile of radios are all the same flashcode: 180001-001002-5 Q806 ASTRO IMBE Digital Operation Q498 Hardware Multikey Encryption w/ OTAR H35 Conventional...
  5. M

    "Official" standards documents for DMR encryption

    Hey guys, I tried looking at the DMR Association's standards documents (Digital Mobile Radio Association | The DMR Standards, developed by ETSI) for information on how encryption is done within the DMR standard and interoperability (eg. if AES is used in CFB/OFB mode, what is used as the IV)...
  6. U

    P25 with AES and DES legality

    Ok, I live in Garfield County WA. Pomeroy WA. They decided to encrypt all data over radio. 1. Is it illegal for me to decrypt it ? 2. Is it illegal for me to stream decrypted audio ? 3. Is it illegal for me to record decrypted audio and put it on Youtube in WA State ?