1. D

    BC125AT: Uniden BC125AT not picking up local air traffic control.

    Hello, I recently got the Uniden BC125AT, I got it to listen to air traffic control and local law enforcement. I set up the frequencies and programmed them, but the air traffic control is not working. The law enforcement I can hear perfectly and I am very happy about that. But I cannot hear my...
  2. WX9RLT

    Aviation J-Pole Antenna

    Has anyone bought this ~ I was thinking about buying one. But before I do, I want everyone's opinion on it. How big of an improvement is it over the standard scanner antennas that come with the scanners...
  3. M

    Live Feed!! Atlantic City Airshow "Thunder Over The Boardwalk"

    I just submitted and got approval for a live feed! Thanks to Gordon for approving this so fast! Atlantic City Airshow "Thunder Over The Boardwalk" Live Scanner Audio Feed I will be adding all of the frequencies into this feed from Thunder over the Boardwalk - The RadioReference Wiki If anyone...