alameda county

  1. kf6olc

    Scanning San Francisco, San Mateo and Alameda counties podcast video

    Interesting video about scanning the San Francisco, San Mateo & Alameda counties. The video is one hour & twenty six minutes long.
  2. B

    Alameda County/City of Alameda frequencies.

    My scanner has gone quiet... but I've changed nothing... I know Alameda County was moving towards implementing a new system... has this been done? Or frequencies changed? Something's changed underneath me...
  3. C

    Dublin PD Talkgroup IDs

    After looking thru all the talk group listing for in Alameda County I did NOT see the Dublin PD group IDs. Are they listed or does Dublin PD work off the S/O or Pleasanton PD's talkgroups......anyone know?? Thanks, Craig
  4. C

    Programming help w/ Trunked system Pro-528

    Hi, I'm new to scanners and frequencies. I can't get my town's frequency added on my PRO 528. I'm trying to add the Fremont Police Frequency (Alameda county California). I want to listen to their main channel and their back up channel: 30736 & 30768. They run a Motorola type II trunked system...