1. nhfdcadet

    CDM1250 Station Alerting

    With some help from a few people to get me past a couple of walls I ran into, I was able to figure out how to use a CDM as a station alarm for when the tones go off. This radio was pulled out of our ambulance because it stopped making PL tones on transmit, but it decodes PL fine and receive...
  2. S

    Alert signal solution

    Hello I am new at this so first of all happy to be here. Straight to topic, I am in need a alarm/alert solution through motorola radios (analogue/digital no matter) what i am willing to do is 6 hand held radios that receive alerts from one base radio (dm4600) . what i have tried is call alert...
  3. wlittle

    Unassigned box alarm?

    When FDNY communications is dispatching what I assume is a call for a pull station, what does the dispatcher mean by the term "unassigned box alarm"?
  4. B

    Detroit Commercial Building Fire

    Just before midnight on 3/24 Detroit Firefighters were dispatched on a still alarm to the area of Horatio & Cicotte for smoke in the area. First arriving companies found a commercial building fully involved and requested a full box alarm assignment. The building was a complete loss and no...
  5. F

    Input/Output Freqs for Bexar County Fire Alarm?

    If any body has the Input/Output Freqs for Bexar County Fire Alarm as well as TAC 3, I would really appreciate if you could post them. Thanks