alert tones

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    Indianapolis Fire Department Station Tones

    Does anyone have a list of the tones used to alert each individual Indy FD? Looking at being able to set up to only hear certain stations. Thanks!
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    Alert signal solution

    Hello I am new at this so first of all happy to be here. Straight to topic, I am in need a alarm/alert solution through motorola radios (analogue/digital no matter) what i am willing to do is 6 hand held radios that receive alerts from one base radio (dm4600) . what i have tried is call alert...
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    What is HP-1 version 2, and do I have it?

    Below is from HP-1 user's manual on line. I'm not sure if I have version 2 or not. Different from HP-2 I have firmware 2.06 dbase 4-30-17 help 12-7-11 esn 36326-038004742-0FF s/n 363z36004742 HomePatrol sentinel is version 2.03, revision 02 My sentinel won't let me change the alert tone from...
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    Evacuation tone

    Does anyone know where i can download this evacuation tone? Im trying to make a ringtone of this but cant find a cleaned up version of it as this one has static in it. Link to evac tone below. Thanks in advanced
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    Station Tones

    Hello fellow brothers and sisters and alike kin, We are a small (25 people) volunteer fire department. We are looking at how to get station tones that alert when we are paged to a call. Low budget as possible but still reliable. We are looking at just being able to be toned during the day and...
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    San Antonio Fire Department alert tone

    SAFD uses this alert tone that is attatched in a zip folder for structure fires and major incidents before the dispatch goes out on their radios. SAFD uses Macom p7100 edacs radios for their communication. I was wondering if someone has a WAV or knows where to get one of this tone. I recorded...
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    P25 alert tone

    Anybody know of an audible tone that passes clear enough to not sound distorted on a P25 conventional channel? I was wondering if I could get a old zetron (4018) to send a clear tone as an attention getter only. I know that the newer Centracom's can send a solid and warble that sound fine. Not...
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    Motorola BPR40

    Hey guys. Not really a radio guy here, dont know much about them. I recently took over the security department at work. We have several of these radios, a little over 20. I wanted to know if you there is a "call" or "alert" feature that sends a tone to all radios on the same channel with the...