1. K9RPL

    MT2000 Alignment

    Anyone here have a resource for doing alignments on MT2000's? I have a couple of M3's that I'd like to get tuned up.
  2. E

    T600 problems and adjustments

    I recently acquired a pair of Motorola T600 TalkAbout HTs, in hopes of using them to communicate with others while camping and hiking (etc.). Unfortunately, on our first trip out we noticed two significant things: other HTs listening to either of my two T600s noticed a significant difference...
  3. zacsharpe

    XTS5000/2500 tuning/alignment

    I have an XTS5000 and an XTS2500. I noticed that the XTS5000 gets a garbled voice and sometimes the transmissions get clipped. The XTS2500 seems to work fine. This leads me to believe that the 5000 needs a tuning. I'm new to the tuning/alignment world. I have a buddy, that has helped me a great...
  4. C

    PRO-2001 Service Manual found online

    Greetings, I have searched fruitlessly for quite some time for ANY reference online to a schematic or service manual for the PRO-2001, but on a hunch I tried a few different keywords and found the manual here: This...
  5. F

    WiPlan - Make antenna alignment easy and accurate.

    I would like offer to you WiPlan. WiPlan is a unique application that makes full use of all of iPhones 2G/3G/3GS/iPod features to make any antenna and device alignment easy and accurate. For more information: WiPlan for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store What do you think...