1. JimD56

    Alinco: Alinco DR-735T Separation Cable Plug Type RJ-?

    After an exhaustive Google search, I am unable to find what type of plug/receptacle (RJ-?) the Alinco DR-735T uses for its separation cable. Looking to see if it is a common RJ type plug before I buy an expensive separation cable. Can anybody assist, please? Thanks Jim 73s KO9JAD
  2. Alinco DJ-X11T Wideband Receiver

    Alinco DJ-X11T Wideband Receiver

    Selling my DJ-X11 wide band receiver. Excellent condition, Excellent battery life. Comes with all original boxes, parts (drop in charger, wrist strap, back hand strap, antenna), accessories, and manuals. 1 owner. Paypal only. Free shipping
  3. JustLou

    Alinco Alinco DJ-X10 Programming Software?

    I know this is a long shot, but does anyone know where I might be able to find programming software for an Alinco DJ-X10? TIA
  4. A

    Alinco: black squiggles on LCD screen, how remove?

    On my Alinco DJ-580 HT (about 20 years old), there are black squiggles on the LCD screen (see attachment). The screen is covered by glass so I can't touch the actual screen. How can I remove them? How can I prevent them from getting bigger?
  5. N

    Alinco: Dr-600 mr / mw button fuctioni

    All function button work (they provide an acknowledgement tone) when pressed. Except the MR / MW button. Naturally I can't add into memory any freqs for VHF or UHF. Yes, CALL button beeps and I can enter freqs into both VHR and UHF call memorizes. Buttons are touch rather than push / click on...
  6. I

    Alinco : DJ—X11 will only Show Japanern Charakters

    Hallo After Resetting my dj—x11 it will only offer me japanese characters when Saving a Name to a Channel. Anybody know How to Switch that to englisch ?? Thanks Imkesun
  7. S

    Alinco DJ-X2000 problems connecting to PC via RS232

    Hi, first time poster so be gentle, I have owned this scanner for a couple of years and never had any luck connecting it to a PC. I assumed it was something to do with it not liking RS232-USB adaptors or the ERW7 USB cable. I recently got a toughbook, which is graced with an RS232 port so i...
  8. K2RNI

    Alinco: What variety of female SMA is this on my DJ500T?

    I was getting an upgrade from the rubber duck included of the Alinco DJ500T and noticed the SMA threads seem a little longer than the regular SMA female antennas. It would appear to be similar to the Vertex variety of SMA, does anyone know what type it is for sure before I buy the antenna? Also...
  9. G

    Alinco: Alinco DJ 580T portable repair

    I've searched the web and this site and have not been able to find out if anyone still repairs Alinco portables. Does anyone have information on this? 73, Gregg, N2UUP
  10. H

    ?Alinco DJ-500T = Anytone AT-3208UVII = Anytone TERMN-8R?

    Are they the same radios with different cases and firmware? Alinco DJ-500T Second Generation manual (look at page 10)... Compared to... Anytone AT-3208UVII manual (look at page 7)...
  11. ladn

    Alinco EMS-12 Cable

    My Alinco EMS-12 mic is still in great condition, however the cable has a bad case of rubber rot. I think it's pretty dumb to have to buy a new mic, just because of a bad cable, but Alinco/GRE no longer stocks the cable and even the Chinese don't seem to make one. I'd be happy replacing it with...
  12. P

    Alinco DJ-X11 vs. Degen 1103 at HF

    Hi all After receiving my Degen 1103 I did compare it with my Alinco DJ-X11 to see how the DJ-X11 performed at HF just off the whip. This because the very low audio level of my DJ-X11 never convinced me at all, especially after watching many videos of the IC-R20 or the AOR8200 receiving HF...
  13. sandyrb

    Three scanners to choose from ... which would you recommend?

    Hi folks. I'm planning on buying a scanner as I have been without one for a few years. I used to have an AOR 8200 Mk1 which I loved using. Currently I have three models on my 'radar'; the Alinco DJ-X2000, the Icom IC-R20 and, if I don't feel too guilty about spending the extra cash, the...
  14. radact

    Computer Tower Radio Setup

    I saw another guy on this forum hollow out a computer case and install multiple scanners in it. I don't remember what his project was. So, to save space and make the area look clean, I decided to try it and see how it would work out. I took a computer case I had laying around that had nothing...