analog to digital

  1. D

    DPL to CTCSS??

    I'm an older callsign (KJ6FQD) that hasn't been active for a few years. I have some questions regarding digital to analog TX/RX.... PLEASE.... Any info, wisdom, or commentary is welcome and much appreciated. THANK YOU in advance. QUESTION 1: Can an 2M analog HH radio receive and transmit on a...
  2. michaelbookland

    PRO-2005 question

    Hi everyone, I am new to scanning and I was wondering what can I listen to with a PRO-2005... I know about some mods out there, including the optoscan456 (which seems to be unavailable anyway) but I was thinking, since a lot of stuff is digital nowadays, what would I be able to listen to? I know...
  3. W

    City of Wheeling - Analog or Ditital

    Hello all, I am working to purchase a new scanner for the purpose of a live feed. Currently, I am using my 396 for this purpose but I miss not having it with me. My feed sounds great with the unit but when looking for a new one - I need to know if anyone has any insight if they are going to...