1. S

    Impres Battery Charger with Impres Battery Reader

    Hi Everyone, I have an Impres Battery Charger and at the back of the charger it has an RJ9 socket, and I'm trying to use the Battery Data Reader. I've brought an RJ9 to USB cable and connected the charger to the PC directly and tried it with the software, but it does not work. The PC...
  2. connah

    BCD436HP 'Analyze' Question

    Morning all. I'm relatively new to the forums and I've done my best to search for the answer before posting this. If I've overlooked something, please forgive me and point me in the right direction. I have also checked Mark's Scanner manual, the factory manual, and Google to no avail. On the...
  3. D

    BCD436 Analyze Log App

    I wrote this App last winter and have tested it and would like to share. it implements the Logging/Current Activity/LCN Monitor Functions for the BCD436 and probably BCD536 though I cant test. I used my HP1 as a guide so works very similar to that. I only have Win 10 to test but should work...
  4. M

    Analze feature on BCD436hp

    Is the Analze feature fully functional on the BCD436hp? The RF plot doesn't display any graph after choosing a well used frequency.