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    Help Me Solve the Troubles about PCB Antenna

    Hello,all I myself made a field intensity indicator recently,but I can’t always solve the part of antenna. I have copied other’s antenna as the following picture shows: The antennas were made according to the frequency--2.5G. I have calculated the length of antennas: 1/4 wave length of 2.5G. I...
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    Dallas Police high speed multimedia?

    Hello alll, Thank you for reading my post. Recently I attended a rally in downtown Dallas, TX, and spotted local police using an antenna array not recognized. It looks similar to a higher end HSMM-Mesh antenna used in amateur radio. As seen, the set up is hard wired to an overwatch position...
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    BC 60-XLT-1 Antenna Connection

    I Just very recently bought a 60XLT-1 and I was thinking about using my BNC-F adapter to have a longer make-shift antenna with some 75 ohm coax I have on hand, but I noticed the connectors were slightly different. It appears that the scanner antenna does not have a center pin in the connector...
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    Need Help Choosing Replacement Antenna

    Just bought two Radio Shack scanners off Craigslist, a Pro 2035 and a Pro 2052. I haven't owned a scanner in years and am not too knowledgeable on the subject. Both scanners seem to work but I'd like to replace the antennas with something a bit more "optimal" yet, hopefully, relatively...
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    Modding an Antennacraft ST4

    I got a discone antenna, Antennacraft ST4, being used for receiving only. I have no plans to do transmitting on it. I want to do some changes to it, but wanted to know pros and cons. Antenna: Antennacraft ST4 Cabling Used: RG6 quad shielded Uses: OTA DTV and police scanners Location of...
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    Using Metal Fence as Antenna

    I’m wondering what benefits can be achieved if I use my metal fence as an antenna for UHF/VHF reception. Is it advantageous to use the 6-foot high fence vs. a normal "rubber ducky."
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    realistic pro antenna help advice

    Hello to all users and future friends,I have just recently bought a realistic pro 2006 and bought an antenna which has been giving me a little hassle concerning receiving strong signals compared to the small screw on antenna which comes with the scanner.The small ariel which screws onto the top...