antenna tuner

  1. K

    Transfer of power with an antenna tuner

    If you have an antenna tuner, and your antenna is a 10:1 match for your frequency, and the tuner brings it down to 1.2:1, do you get the same, or close to the same transfer of power to the antenna as you would if the antenna was a true 1.2:1? I have more to say on this, but I want to see what...
  2. hogshine

    Swr, Antenna light and linear amp problem

    I just got a cobra 29ltd and a wilson 1000 magnet mount antenna and have had for a few years a Texas star DX 667V. Now to get you guys up to speed, I mounted the radio under my dash of my chevy pickup. Ran the power of the radio to the fuse box and hooked into the a fuse and grounded it there on...
  3. S

    Longwire Shortwave Antenna Help

    I am looking for advice on getting the best reception for several different portable shortwave radios like the Grundig G-5 and Sangean ATS-803A. I am putting up a 100 foot 12 gauge insulated wire from a stationary post on the top of my house (25 foot high) out to a tree. I have used cable ties...