1. S

    First attempt at SDR... what did I do wrong? (Ontario, Canada)

    Hello, I'm a new user. I've previously owned an analog scanner and used it to listen to emergency channels before they went encrypted many years back. I decided to get back into it and ordered the Noelec RTL-SDR v5 from Amazon. I understand you ideally need two for trunking, but I wanted to see...
  2. wenzeslaus

    random wire length survey

    I tested 4 lengths of random wire antenna in the house. feet, length x4 (meters), MHz 12, 14.63, 20.5 15, 18.29, 16.40 25, 30.48, 9.84 35.5, 43.28, 6.93 spacing was 2-3" apart. time was 1/2 hour before to 1 hour after sunset, starting with the high frequencies first. results: 20 MHz, no...
  3. rjvalenta

    fan harmonics

    i'm new to HF... and as i posted in a different thread i'm considering an MFJ Octopus, which is effectively a fan dipole. i have to choose 4 dipoles made of hamsticks to put in this - which will connect to my tuner. i was watching one of Dave Casler's videos (the man has taught me so much)...
  4. sirdonbWRYY778

    Tuning Antenna?

    After searching this forum and Google, I couldn't find what I was looking for so I decided to bring the question here to the hive mind. Can you tune a stealth antenna like the MXTA25? I bought this antenna and mount package from Amazon. I'm using the Surecom SW-102s power/SWR Meter to check...
  5. S

    Antenna Recommendations for a Jeep

    Hey all, I'm pretty new to GMRS and radio in general. I have a Jeep JK (which I know isn't the ideal vehicle for radios) and just installed a Retevis RA86, and am looking for suggestions for which antenna, mount, and location I should go with. I was considering the Midlands MXTA25 ghost antenna...
  6. C

    What is a good antenna for all around use?

    I am currently using an old radio shack pro-89 and a UV-5R, I am wondering what would be a good antenna for picking up all the first responder bands and some airband without costing an excessive amount of money but doing a relatively well job. I am planning on switching to a Motorola XTS3000...
  7. rjvalenta

    dipole to get the most bands with tuner

    relatively new to HF, everything i've done so far has been FT8, and i was super proud of the 20m dipole i built... until a branch fell and did epic damage to my house and took out my dipole in the process... my MFJ tuner couldn't get my 20m dipole to work 6m, so my plan once the roof is...
  8. I

    CB connector to NMO mount?

    One of our departments bought some new Mac roll off trucks that comes pre-wired for a CB. Is anyone aware of an adapter to convert the CB antenna mount to an NMO for our commercial radios? There is not enough slack in the coax to solder on an NMO, and I'm looking for a simpler solution that...
  9. S

    What’s the best antenna?

    So I currently have a bcd436hp. I want to listen to the Hillsborough County, FL P25 Phase II public safety channels. With the antenna the scanner came with, it was very choppy. I found this antenna (...
  10. Laird 800/900MHz phantom antenna

    Laird 800/900MHz phantom antenna

    Laird 800/900MHz phantom antenna in a ford explorer
  11. Laird UHF Phantom Antenna

    Laird UHF Phantom Antenna

    A Laird phantom antenna on a 2023 ford explorer
  12. ccsprague

    Is it normal for the REM-842S to have a slight bend?

    Is it normal for the Remtronix REM-842S to have a slight bend to it? Straight cardboard box for comparison.
  13. Patty01

    7/800 mhz scanner antenna

    Hello all, I'm looking for a good 800mhz antenna for my uniden 996P2, I am listening to the Mass State Police smartzone system, as of right now I'm using a Motorola 7/800 sma portable antenna but it's not doing what I need. I would Ideally be looking for an outdoor antenna, and I'm not that...
  14. rjvalenta

    odd Pro197 behavior...

    on my roof are 4 antenna... a 4010 EFHW and a 10m/6m/2m/70cm vertical, attached to my IC7100 a dual band 2m/70cm, attached to my FTM400. and a tram 1411 discone for my Pro197 they are all at least 8ft apart. the base of the discone mast is a few feet lower on the roof than the rest which...
  15. B

    Dual-band antenna for GMRS transmitting and NWR/NOAA receiving

    I'm seeking advice for a dual band mobile antenna for GMRS uhf + NOAA weather radio (NWR) vhf. I'll be transmitting only on GMRS, and VHF will be for 162 MHz receive only. I'm a meteorologist gathering weather data & stills/video near storms so NOAA receive is important, and I want the...
  16. F

    I’m still foggy with antennas and would love some help!

    Hey all, recently I’ve been really digging into SDR and am having a lot of fun with it. That said, I’ve finally figured out trunking and am able to pick it up and decode, but the nearest system is almost all encrypted. The city closest to me that actually has anything on their trunking system is...
  17. J

    How to measure received power from s21 of antenna?

    Hi, I have two antennae. One is a reference, and the other is DUT. I have to use Gain Transfer Method to find AUT gain. For this, i have used a reference horn antenna in the chamber and measured s21. then I put DUT on and measured S21. Now my question is, "How can I convert this S21 into...
  18. dave3825

    Inside a TV and Radio station

    Interesting set up.
  19. Sheepdog777


    Bear with me as I am not messing with you. But we used trees as antennas in the military Hybrid Electromagnetic Antenna Coupler (HEMAC), and some adventurous Hams have used them as well. If you're looking a great Receive (Rx) Antenna most hardwood trees work great. With a Antenna Tuner you can...
  20. Sheepdog777


    Hello Ham and Radio Enthusiasts, This topic seems to have been a burr in the saddle of many radio professionals over the years. We use underground buried antennas in the military all the time. Depending on the mission, daily. In the Air Force we even have entire career fields which install...