1. L

    Best magnet mount antenna

    What would be the best magnetic mount antenna for BCD996P2. Thanks
  2. Alpha Delta-4 Console Antenna Switch N Connectors

    Alpha Delta-4 Console Antenna Switch N Connectors

    I used this with several receive antennas for SDRs and scanners. This is a very robust switch. No visible signs of wear. No Box, no manuals, no trades. If you are not familiar with this antenna switch here are the details:
  3. S

    Telescoping antenna for Uniden Bearcat 125at

    I'm looking for opinions on what type of telescoping antenna and I'm looking at this one from amazon:
  4. E

    Cheaper alternative to the st-2 antenna ?

    I'm new to RTL-SDR and I live about 11miles (16km) from Heathrow Airport in London. My apartment is on the 3rd floor of a building, and I am facing in the direction of the airport. Many people mention that its hard to hear the Control Tower (unless you actually go to Heathrow). However...
  5. F

    High SWR

    I recently got a CB radio, but I haven’t figured out how to get the SWR down. The President Taylor radio I’m using has a built in SWR meter, & it says it’s absurdly high. However, when I hold my hand out the window & hold about 2/3 up the antenna, the SWR goes to 1.2. What’s happening?
  6. O

    Best Mobile Antenna for 130-170mhz

    Hi I have a whistler WS1040 connected to a long antenna on the side of the car. It's an antenna that I see many cars with 2 way radios are using, but I'm not sure of the model exactly, as I just bought it off the shelf. However, when I'm driving around, there is a lot of white noise when the...
  7. D

    New antenna for apartment

    So I am looking for a new antenna setup, I currently use a discone antenna which works great but I am moving to an apartment soon and I wont have the luxury of being able to takw that much space. I was wondering what would be best for a small form factor omni directional antenna to pickup...
  8. screenersam

    Antenna Hack for BC140

    Friend of mine was cleaning out garage and gifted me a BC140 no antenna The unit has the same mutant antenna plug as a car radio (think its called a Motorola plug?) I got ahold of a 'Marine Antenna', the plug and some wire basically. scrounged an old AM/FM antenna from my junk box and a piece...
  9. I

    Mast for g5rv

    Can anyone recommend a mast that would be suitable for a g5rv in a small backyard? I've looked at spider beam but I'm not sure if they are rigid enough. Right now I have a PVC on an old DirecTV mount on the side of the house so the agenda is only about 15-20ft in the air. Needles to say it...
  10. SpaceForceCmdr

    HF antenna indoors

    I'm pulling the trigger on my first HF radio. My antenna situation will not be ideal, and I'm going to be limited to indoors. I've got about 30' of length in my attic, so I'm thinking I'll get a 20m dipole, and just focus on that band for now. Is there anything else I should consider? Would...
  11. M

    Difference between NAE6483AR and PMAE4016A antenna?

    I know the PMAE4016A is a replacement of the NAE6483AR, but I'm not sure how to tell the difference between them as they look identical, and for some reason, they're not labeled. I have some that have "MOTOROLA" on them while others don't. The ones that have "MOTOROLA" on them are taller than...
  12. tadpole207

    Antenna needed for HF- but in apartment

    Hello friendly hams I have just purchased an FM rig and are needing help with antenna's, I am on the 3rd floor of an apartment building currently and am wondering what the best method for putting an antenna up. With my super secret drawing software i stole from the dept of de-fence, ,i made a...
  13. SpaceForceCmdr

    Got an MLA-30

    I was using a long wire in my attic attached to a whip which fed downstairs. The MLA came today, and I put it on a 1" PVC pipe, and built a small base for it our of shelf brackets and band clamps. I think it worked out pretty well. At the moment, it's up on the second floor near a window...
  14. K

    Recommendations for vertical antenna on Metal Roof peak?

    I'm new to Ham. I'm looking for specific recommendations for a vertical antenna for the peak of my heavy-gauge metal roof. I'm getting a new Yaesu FT-5DR and want to get the most our of my reception and transmission. I may also get a higher wattage mobile unit to use in my truck and home. I...
  15. tadpole207

    Antenna Recommendations

    Hello I’ve been shopping antennas for the past few days for my mobile rig, Anytone AT 778 UV. I have so many choices I have stalled my decision. Hoping someone has sage advice and recommendations for the 2 and 70 while also allowing GMRS when plugged into my GMRS radio. I saw this one on Amazon...
  16. A

    My SDR or SDRSharp is "broken"

    when i try to hear a radio or a frequency like 93.5 or any other and i go to shortwave for example the 93.5 radio is in shortwave (see picture) and the frequency changes when i go "up" in the frequency, and when i go above 200mhz appear like in the screenshot at 416mhz, the antenna can be near...
  17. B

    Midland antenna issue

    Hello, I have a MXT275 radio and the Midland magnetic antenna mount in the center of the truck cab and an MXTA25 3db antenna and it was all working fine but I decided to reroute the cable and purchased an extension cable but when I fully plug in the cable to the radio I get nothing, when I pull...
  18. tadpole207

    Wouxun UV9g Plus- Dual band or Full band antenna

    Howdy, my first full GMRS radio- wondering about the difference between the antenna and how it affects TX and RX- when to use each thanks
  19. *** SOLD*** Antenna Specialists MON-51/MON-53 Package of 6

    *** SOLD*** Antenna Specialists MON-51/MON-53 Package of 6

    ***SOLD*** Here is a blast from the past! The Antenna Specialist MON-5x family of antennas were the best scanner antennas of the day. If you had low band in the area they were awesome but also performed great on VHF and UHF. This package contains the following items: 4 MON-51 wide-band...
  20. Danny37

    Mobile antenna broke and it still works?

    I had a 5/8 30 inch UHF antenna mounted on my car. Its a 5.5 db gain antenna with two coils and I just noticed as I got home that the top part is missing. It must've gotten loose and detached from the top coil while I was driving. This antenna is used for recieve only, no transmiting and...