1. KD7CJW

    Antenna Grounding?

    I'm new here, so please be gentle with me. I am going to be putting up some antennas at my house soon (GMRS, CB, 2m/70cm, and Scanner). The last time I put up a base antenna was roughly 48 years ago and I know things have changed! Here are some questions I have. All of these antennae are...
  2. norwichfeeder

    Signalplus 12dbi Omni-Directional 3.6'ft Antenna 824-960MHZ from Amazon. $89

    Signalplus 12dbi Omni-Directional Antenna 824-960MHZ-Outdoor LoRa Antenna 868mhz 915mhz for Verizon, AT&T, Sprint with 32ft SMA Cable...
  3. H

    How many recievers can be connected to a LNA?

    I have 4 SDRs that i want to use on one antenna for 800MHz trunking. How can i properly figure out how many sdr dongles i can have connected to it before signal gets too low. Im getting a Nooelec LNA that has +20 Db of gain.
  4. P

    Vehicle Antenna & NMO Magnetic Mounts Recommendations for BC125AT

    Hi all, I know the Diamond RH77CA antenna is the gold standard for the BC125AT scanner but I'm looking for an antenna and a NMO magnetic mount that can be easily attached to and removed from the roof of a rental car. My frequency range of interest is 150-174 MHz and 410-470 MHz. By the way...
  5. J

    New to scanners and looking for an antenna to improve reception!

    Hello! I've recently just invested in my first airband scanner (the Uniden UBC75XLT) for me to use when visiting my local airports and it works great and wasn't too expensive, so I'm very happy! I'm also now looking, and I'll be honest I don't know if it's even a possibility, if there is a way...
  6. mitch802

    Low Profile NMO Mount Wide-Band Mobile Scanner Receive Antenna Whip for Uniden Bearcat - Receive frequency: 50MHz - 1200 MHz

    I want to mount three of these little guys on my car using a triplexer. Anyone have any idea which would be the best one to use to split the signal between the three? I could do two but would rather use three for better coverage. Looking for best recommendations to accomplish my goal. Not...
  7. V

    Can you recognize this antenna?

    Hi guys, This kind of antenna is commonly used by brazilian truck drivers to communicate with UHF Milsat. In Brazil this satellite is known as "bolinha" and you probably already heard about it. I'm wondering if this antenna design really makes sense for satellite communication or if it was...
  8. R

    Paint for antenna

    Hey folks. Got an A99 today and the Mrs thinks I need to paint it black to avoid Karen. Any suggestions on paint? I’ve heard that some spray paints may ruin the antenna so didn’t want to grab just any random can from Home Depot. Robert
  9. K

    1 Antenna 2 feeds

    Has any run into a issue where you have 2 feeds running on 1 raspberry pi and using 1 antenna where the audio mixes on both feeds? When I use 2 separate antennas and the audio mixing goes away.
  10. W

    A quick question from a beginner in antenna...

    Suppose that I'm installing an omnidirectional antenna for both transmission & reception purpose at the elevation of ≈100ft. If I want to effectively communicate with a few targets all at the elevation of ≈0ft and horizontally ≈5100ft from the antenna, what's the maximum acceptable gain for this...
  11. Salvatorejrc

    Adapter Recommendations

    I interchange antennas frequently on my sds100, and I was wondering if there are any adapters that I could put on that will take the damage and wear over time, rather than the scanner itself.
  12. A

    Grounding a Tram 1481 dual band antenna

    Hi All, I'm new to amateur radio and I'm trying to set up my shack and could use your help. I bought a Tram 1481 antenna and plan to mount it on the side of my covered roof back porch. The porch is 20 feet off the ground, since my house is on a hill that slopes down behind it. The supports...
  13. FLA727

    Mast and antenna grounding

    Been around CB's several years but all mobile, never a "base" setup at the house and I am a novice all the way. The setup will not be using any amps and the base will be a Galaxy DX 2547 (stock as far as I know). So it seems the more I read the more I get confused. I have read over several...
  14. InspectorWatts

    PSR500/PSR600: Best Aftermarket Antennas for PSR-500

    Hey folks, First of all, I'm a newbie. Not knowledgeable at all. But I recently purchased a used PSR-500 off eBay and I'm pretty stoked because I've always wanted a scanner. Somehow I have, with the help of software, been able to program my scanner to receive my local emergency talk groups...
  15. HWG

    Bearcat III - Missing Antenna

    Trying to revive an Electra Bearcat III scanner (pretty neat old scanner) but the antenna that screws in down through the top has went missing. Trying to locate one to keep this little project going.
  16. Danny37

    EM wave antenna?

    So I've been looking around for a new antenna and I've come across the EM wave brand. The antenna are bit more expensive but they seem to be built well from what i can see. The problem is a Google search shows barely any reviews. Anyone here own one? How do you like it? Also, I've noticed tram...
  17. F

    Antenna on a Fiberglass Airboat - Grounding Question

    I'm a member of my local fire department, where we have this airboat equipped with a dual band radio. It may be hard to see in this picture, but the antenna is mounted toward the front, right in front of the cab. Transmit quality is not great on it. Since it's a fiberglass boat and that...
  18. D

    Antenna upgrade on the Whistler ws1065

    Hello, I’m looking for some help in upgrading my mobile antenna. Right now I have a tram 1199 through the glass antenna but I don’t get great signal and feel that I miss calls on the scanner. I listen to fire departments on the p25 system in Rhode Island and that is what I feel I don’t get good...
  19. T

    Base Antenna for Zello RoIP link

    So our agency is going to trial Zello for public safety. Below is our configuration (simplified) if you're interested. To get to the point. I'm looking for a base antenna for a VHF Motorola PM400, the frequency is 159.6. Below are the options I'm considering, any thoughts or opinions? Laird...
  20. M

    Help Identifying Antenna Connection

    Hello! I recently picked up a magnetic base antenna mount with a 16' cable at a local yard sale. It did not come with the antenna itself. I am having trouble identifying what kind of connection that this mount has. The connection has female threads that are bigger than SMA, and has no pin or...