1. M

    Triband mobile antenna

    After much searching, I haven't found an antenna that I can buy that coveres the frequencies I will be using, So I plan on making my own... Just a couple of questions for you antenna enthusiast......I need a triband mobile antenna that will cover 2M/70CM/1.25M Is there a formula for calculating...
  2. W

    800 MHz vs. tri band antenna

    I have a Uniden 996 XT that has been professionally programmed and have tried a couple antennas without great results. I first started with a window mount which as you all know is a waste of time and install then yesturday installed a Larson tri band 16" fender mount. Looks great but still not...
  3. D

    Liberty CO Sheriff programing

    Ok, after manualy entering the following frequencies and talk groups I now am scanning Liberty CO Tx Sheriff's new traffic and it is working great. here are the frequencies and talkgroups. 1-011 1-B Moss Hill 866.87500 867.83750 868.21250 868.46250 868.66250c 1-018 1-12 Ames 771.91875c...
  4. mikef1234

    Indoor Antenna's

    I live in Toledo, Ohio and was wondering if anyone has experimented with indoor antennas? Right now I'm running a Bearcat XL-825xlt I believe the anolog trunk but Toledo went Digital. I mainly want tto listen to analog EMS and maybe digital trunking Police and Fire. Can anybody help out?