1. B

    Anytone AT-D578UV DMR issues

    Hello. I'm a DMR rookie, but I learned a bit before I've started to create a codeplug for my radio. I've got a problem with my d578. Yesterday I've created the codeplug and imported to my radio. Everything works fine, I've joined the talkgroup and I heard hams and hams heard me. After that I...
  2. I

    Hytera /Anytone dmr compatibility

    Hi myself and our shooting buddies all used to use Hyteras in the field/woods on low power simplex mode mainly so we didn't shoot each other. Most of us have pd785 as they are lovely radios easy to prog and use. However due to the extortionate price we are gradually ditching them for Anytone...
  3. AK4FD

    Cross-Band/Cross-Mode Repeat?

    So I've been a Ham for a few years now, and sometimes Cross-Band Repeat has come in handy... Well I just bought a brand new radio (Anytone D578) it's their tri-band + DMR radio that does cross-band and cross-mode repeat. I am able to effectively use a 2M Analog frequency and cross-mode repeat...
  4. C

    Radio with constant scan feature?

    Hello I am looking for an inexpensive VHF radio that will always reactivate the scan feature after transmitting. I have looked at Baofeng and Anytone but cannot tell if this feature is available. To explain I want to have say 20 channels programmed into the radio, I want to be set to transmit on...
  5. fdnyfish

    Anytone Anytone D868 & D878 Instructional Videos

    Here are my Anytone videos on youtube. These might help people with this radio. Anytone Videos on Youtube Anytone D878 CPS software to 520MHz - MAINTENANCE MODE AnyTone D878 Dealer Unlock Software AnyTone 2-Tone Programming on D868 D878
  6. K2NEC

    Anytone Anytone AT-D868UV on RAS

    So I heard some rumors that the Anytone will work on RAS systems with no problem as long as you use Digi Moni. Can anyone confirm or deny this?
  7. n9mxq

    Anytone mobile

    AT-D578UV Video Demo Download link* 3 short videos showing the mobile. Apparently available early 2019.. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  8. D

    Anytone AT-D868UV not displaying contacts

    The AT-D868 is not displaying contacts that have been loaded in the Digital Contact List. I have tried formatting and importing contacts downloaded from datadump.cgi; I have also erased all of these, reset the radio, and loaded only a couple of contacts I programmed directly from the CPS (This...
  9. H

    ?Alinco DJ-500T = Anytone AT-3208UVII = Anytone TERMN-8R?

    Are they the same radios with different cases and firmware? Alinco DJ-500T Second Generation manual (look at page 10)... Compared to... Anytone AT-3208UVII manual (look at page 7)...