1. R

    Programing software

    Hello all, I purchased my first scanner. (the Uniden BCD436HP) I was introduced to the scanner world by my uncle and he told me to get a programing software (specifically Sentinal) however I only own Apple computers and it does not seem like Sentinal will run on Mac. Does anyone know of any...
  2. CQ

    Still Time to Return

    Another reason not to give into the i-diot phones. Unfortunately the only viable alternative left is Android.
  3. mkewman

    Apple (yes that apple) Building Bi-State MotoTrbo System

    Well, it looks like the boys and girls at 1 Infinite Loop have licensed several frequencies in Sacramento, CA, Santa Clara, CA, Alameda, CA and Travis, TX. Yes, you read that correctly, Not Travis AFB, CA... Travis, TX. According to their recent Licensing activity, in December 2012 they were...
  4. N

    Apple Macintosh

    Does anyone know if there is any software that will run on Macintosh computers? I would like to purchase a new scanner with software that will allow programming and updating from my Mac.
  5. J

    New iPod Nano (w/ FM Radio)

    I recently picked up a new ipod nano which now has a built-in FM radio. I took a look around both on the iPod menus themselves and also on the filesystem of the iPod to see if the bands were defined in a preferences file. I could not find one.. I don't know what the radio is capable of but i've...
  6. Zaratsu

    Any scanner software for Apple OS?

    Probably a really dumb questions, but it may be a good suggestion to anyone making software out there. Is there any software to make a scanner work with an Apple OS? I've been using an Apple notebook for my personal PC for about 6 months now, and I can tell you for my needs (97% just web...
  7. poltergeisty

    New IPhone 3G connection woes.

    Stemming from several different media sources, the new Apple IPhone which uses the supposed faster 3G technology isn't getting those remarks by consumers all around. In fact, those complaints are being sent in faster to Apple's support forum than the sped of 3G. 3G reception -- What's the problem?