1. KD7RJC

    C4FM/Fusion, APRS-like data on data port?

    Hey All, I'm looking at a digital mode for both voice and location for simplex operation. Basically the goal is to get everyone in the house licensed so when we go four wheeling, hiking, or camping we can use the location features for meeting-up if we don't caravan-up to the campsite or for...
  2. K

    Radioddity GD-88 APRS not being digipeated

    Good morning from KY I have recently purchased a GD-88 from Radioddity. This radio seems to do great for DMR, but as an APRS beacon, I've yet to get the packet decided or digipeated. Ive made several adjustments. I have two means of digipeating, a Kenwood d700 at my home and a stand alone...
  3. kg6nlw

    POTA Travel Notice

    TLDR: As the subject suggests, I am going to be activating POTA at 3 different parks between next Saturday and next Tuesday. I will be running 10m USB, 6m & 2m FM as well as APRS and SSTV. Details below. Cross-posted to the main Amateur Radio General forum as well. Just so I get it out...
  4. F

    TK-780 K vs K2 Sensitivity on 2 Meters

    Has someone checked the SINAD of these radios at the bottom of the 2m band to see if there is an appreciable difference? If you had a K2 radio on APRS, or perhaps as a repeater receiver, and you replaced it with a K radio, would there be a significant difference in receiver performance? Or is...
  5. Kenwood TH-D74A Tri-Band Handheld

    Kenwood TH-D74A Tri-Band Handheld

    Up for sale is a Kenwood TH-D74A handheld 2M/220/70cm tri-band radio, packed w/ lots of features and the advantage of having analog and D-STAR as well as APRS function on analog. It features a color TFT display that has excellent visibility during the day or night. Also includes built-in GPS...
  6. L

    problems linking multiPSK through a virtual serial port to google earth.

    i got APRS decoding set up in multipsk with a virtual audio cable from sdr#, and when i select google earth in the APRS menu it opens google earth (its called google earth pro now) and shows waypoints of the stations and paths of the mobile stations, and this works great, but i saw the GPS...
  7. J

    Yaesu: Yaesu Ftm400-xdr. B memory can't hear anything

    Hello, I am new to this radio. I am using APRS on B, I have the setting to mute APRS sounds. But it completely mutes every channel I have saved on the bottom screen. Is there a way just to mute APRS and still have non muted memory's?
  8. N

    Kenwood: D710 Bluetooth Dongle for APRSDroid

    How to build a Bluetooth Module for the Kenwood D710, plugs into the COM port on back of Remote Head Unit (NOT THE GPS 2.5mm PORT) and passes on raw aprs packets onto APRSDroid, this gives you full (READ ONLY) information in APRSDroid while your 710 is doing all the APRS Stuff.. You can switch...
  9. gradybruton1819

    TNC Help, APRS WX Station

    I am attempting to set up a remote APRS weather station without using a computer (WX-->TNC-->Radio) in a location without internet. The current setup is a Peet Bros Ultimeter 800, a Kantronics KAM Plus, and a Motorola GM300. So far I haven't been able to get any packets i-gated. I have been...
  10. PrivatelyJeff

    DMR hotspot and APRS on one antenna

    I was thinking of installing a 600mw UHF DMR hotspot in my car and also A 10W VHF APRS tracker on my car (my mobile doesn’t have native APRS functionality nor do I want to tie it up with APRS). Is it possible to have them share an dual band antenna mounted on my trunk using a diplexer?
  11. KB3ZWI

    Motorola M3 to Baofeng / Kenwood

    Good Evening Folks, I recently purchased a Mobilinkd bluetooth kiss TNC to use with my Baofeng radio for APRS (for now) and I have realized that the RX / TX on that radio is rather poor. So, I was wondering if there was anything at there that I could connect to my Motorola HT1000 or XTS5000...
  12. R


    Guys apologies. I am trying to help out someone. Can someone give me detailed instructions on how to send APRS message to EMAIL and SMS Here is what I do on my TH-D74 1. Turning on APRS12 by Bressing (F) + 5 2. Pressing 4 to go to message list menu 3. Pressing Menu->New 4. In "To:" filed I...
  13. R

    8-Pin to TRRS

    Hey All, I'm working on a project for a dedicated APRS repeater, and I hoping to use an old Mic-less Azden 7000h I have sitting around doing nothing. I would like to use it with a Mobilinkd TNC2, which means I need to turn the 8-pin into a TRRS connection. I am a novice at making adapters...
  14. C

    Icom: GPS Data Out from ICOM id-5100a

    Here is my current problem. I am trying to get the NMEA GPS Data that my 5100 should be able to output and use it for APRS. I have a TNC-Pi working on the bench, but I want to put GPS in to it. What settings do I need to enable to get GPS out from the Data Port. I have a FTDI chipset 2.5mm...
  15. G

    I need help with APRS

    Hello! I am new to APRS and so far I'm hooked! I love it! But there are a bunch of things I want to do. First and most important is I am launching a high altitude balloon and I am equipping it with an APRS tracker. My problem is when I am looking for the payload on the ground I would like to...
  16. I

    Garmin GPSmap 60CSx + APRS...

    I have recently become interest in aprs and have been using my cellphone and APRSdroid to get started. I want to use my Yaesu FT-100 transceiver in the car for aprs. What are the various equipment I could use? I have on hand a Garmin GPSmap 60CSx and a SPOT Personal Tracker Gen 1. I know that...
  17. N2AL

    Yaesu: Does The Yaesu FT1D Automatically Insert Monitored Frequency In APRS Position Comment

    Hey everyone! I have a question about the Yaesu FT1D, and APRS. When I had a Kenwood D710 in the APRS status comment I had the ability to input a code that would automatically show on my APRS beacons what frequency I was monitoring, tone, and offset. If I changed frequencies on the radio it...
  18. WX9RLT

    Wires needed for the KPC-3+

    I have this unit, just the unit alone. No wires. Kantronics KPC-3+ Radio Modem/TNC Where can I buy the wires for this? Prefer usb, since I am running windows 8 I am running a FT-8800R
  19. A

    VX-8DR APRS Modem

    I noticed that I was not able to hit any repeaters from the B bank of my VX-8DR (A bank works fine and uses same frequencies). I found out that 95 - Squelch Type goes to Off on all frequencies in the B bank when I enable my APRS modem. I know APRS uses the B bank so anybody know if this is...
  20. D

    DSTAR and APRS - which way?

    Hi Guys, So here’s a question you’ve never heard before, I’ve been doing lots of reading for my next mobile rig and it’s going to be either a Icom ID- 5100A or a Kenwood TM- D710G so which one? … all over again. It seems to be a pretty popular thread and topic. (grin) What's the easier why...