apx7000 programming

  1. J

    Apx7000 smartnet/smartzone flashcode in same code plug

    I have a apx7000 no the radio is not alt/dev Radio has a legit serial number but the person I bought it from did update the flash by himself Radio was used and did not come form a Motorola shop. And yes I know the risks about used apx already just need advice on this flashcode! I had the radio...
  2. S

    APX Voice Announcement Programming

    Does anyone know if the voice announcements can be switched on/off by the user? I can't find a menu item or way to program to allow the user to turn the voice announcements off that are loaded for the channels
  3. T

    APX 7000 XE Beeps and SQL

    Hello. 2 issues. 1) Can't seem to locate the squelch setting to lower it. To tight to even get NOAA on VHF CNV side. 2) Get a beep after keying in CNV mode on simplex or repeater. Ho to turn off? Anyone know of a manual or quick programming guide? Looking for any info. Got dumped the...
  4. kc2shw

    motorola apx 7000 programming

    I have one of these radios, and the radio is nice, rather expensive but i cant get the radio to detect in the cps. i reformatted a computer just for this purpose, its running windows xp, 32 bit, the computer recognizes it as a modem, and i can ping the modem. but beyond the thing is useless...