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    Looking for a APX7500 UHF R2 and 7/800.

    Hello, I'm looking to purchase a complete APX7500 Mid Power UHF R2 and 7/800MHz. Must have Phase 2 and GPS in the Flashcode. If anyone has one for sale please message me. Thank You
  2. V

    APX7500 with PMUN1034F new 03 HHCH, No color ?

    Just got this 03 HHCH brand new & expensive for my APX7500, but it only operates with a monochrome display. Will not display color. Have been through the CPS countless time, but have no clue why the color is not working ? Ant help greatly appreciated please? P25 nut
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    APX7500 Rebooting

    Hello, I have an odd issue that we have run into recently with one of our customers. I installed a brand new APX 7500 radio into a brand new 2016 Dodge Durango. The procedure in how the radio were installed is as follows: 1. All connections are crimped, soldered, and heat shrinked. 2. The...
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    APX7500 Programming Help

    Hello. I am having trouble connecting my APX7500 radio to the CPS software. I have the O3 handheld controller, therefore I am connecting the programming cable to the radio itself. On the radio is a typical round twist type connection similar to the xtl1500 mobiles. Also there is a serial...
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    APX7500 and VIP controls

    I apologize if this runs a bit long. We have an APX7500 connected to our APCO25 trunk and we are trying to configure it to activate VIP1 on Accessory 2 (Pins 3 & 4) when a private call or call alert comes in. Instead of tell you all what I've done already, if I have a radio correctly...
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    APX 7500 Turning off

    I have 2 APX 7500 trunking radios that while on the trunking channels will turn off most of the time while trying to connect up with the system. Usually takes less than 45 seconds for them to turn off. When it is on conventional channels it will transmit just fine with no problems. I have...
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    Motorola APX 7500 Mobile Radio

    Hi, I have a Motorola APX 7500 VHF/UHF/P25 radio. I am having some problems programming the radio and was seeking help, I am currently trying to program p25 frequencies into the radio but cant seem to figure out how to properly do it. I went under the conventional personalilty and entered the...