arc xt

  1. N

    Win 10 and scan programming software

    Still wrestling with my decision for replacing my computer. Does anyone have experience with successfully running any of the following under windows 10: Win500 PSREdit Proscan Freescan ARC XT Pro I have a failing Win 7.1 machine and need to make a big decision soon. Thanks for any help
  2. A

    Snohomish Co and King Co trunk systems

    I use programming software (ARC XT) to set up my Uniden BCT15X. I have set up 4 different sites to scan, one is Snohomish County SERS and the other is a King Co site. The King Co site I chose is Seattle Simulcast. Through the ARC XT I was able to pick out just a couple of cities in King Co that...
  3. Hondaddy

    ARC-XT to BCD 396XT

    Hi, Just bought all new stuff to follow our community. I have a Radio Reference Premium sub. and my local Public Safety System is downloadable to my ARC-XT PRO software (using USB-1 cable). After downloading my system from RR to the ARC program, I click on Upload to scanner. Seems successful...
  4. T

    ARC XT vs FreeSCAN vs Scancat software.

    I'm looking to add a Uniden 996xt to my scanner collection (now have two Radio Shack models), and was wondering about the software available. Any suggestions or in sites about the ARC XT, FreeSCAN, and Scancat software? The description of each seems tp have features that I might like-but ease of...
  5. KF4UHJ

    396XT not detected by ARC XT-Pro

    I am trying to re-program my 396XT using the latest ARC XT Pro software. I've done it dozens of times before. But now, the software is not detecting the radio. When I try to "Read" or Write" to the radio, I get a message that no radio is detected. Then when I close the error window, the radio...