arc-xt pro

  1. MatrixOutsider

    ARCXT: ARC-XT Pro - No Audio Device Available

    I am using Version 2.1 build 5 with Windows 10 on a netbook to record files to my OneDrive to process on my main desktop. I am using a BCD996XT scanner. The program initiates and starts recording correctly when it detects sound from the scanner. However, after about 12-24 hours, the audio is no...
  2. KJ4TDM

    ARC-XT Pro Scanner Reading Issue

    Has anyone ever had any issues while reading your scanner? By issues I mean it will read to a point and stop? That point is different each time. The software if left alone will read a system every 10-20 seconds. I have 50+ stations so it takes a long time to read them all. I am running ARC-XT...
  3. Fireplug

    ARC-XT Pro Browser Content Copy/Export

    In ARC-XT Pro, opening a saved Profile reveals some 30 Systems with saved Groups in each System and all are visible when Expanded in the Browser. Is there a way to Copy and Paste the content of the Browser Window or Export it in some format for printing (or keeping in a PDF file, for example,)...
  4. V23

    Upload to Scanner Problem

    I'm totally new to scanners but got my Christmas wish and I'm the proud owner of a Uniden BCD 396XT digital scanner. I'm using acr-xt to configure the programming but I can't upload the programming to my scanner. My Toshiba laptop that runs Windows 7 and I purchased the Uniden USB-1 Interface...
  5. W2IRT

    BCD996xt - New user completely lost

    Hi guys, I've been scanning since the early 80s but this 996xt is by far the most intimidating piece of technology I've encountered in many years. The more I read the more my brain shuts down as I attempt to go down rabbit hole after rabbit hole. The radio itself is still not unpacked but I've...
  6. N

    Having problems with ARC-XT Pro Software and the USB-1 Cable Interface

    I’m looking for someone who has successfully installed and operated the ARC-XT Pro Software with the USB-1 cable interface to a Windows OS 7 laptop. The laptop has three (3) USB Comm ports. It does not have a RS 232 connection. With BUTEL assistance I got the correct driver for the USB-1...
  7. T

    Unable to capture city information

    I am using ARC-XT-PRO When I go into the database here, I can pull up by state, then by county and select which type system. Or I can pull up by agency. However, when I pull up NC and Hoke County, I do not get any listings for the town of Raeford. I can get that info if I come direct in and not...
  8. AK4FD

    ARC-XT Pro software

    Does anybody know a website, besides the BuTel website or ScannerMaster, where I can buy the ARC-XT Pro software at a discounted rate maybe? For example on the ScannerMaster website u can find Uniden scanners cheaper than the actual Uniden website... I just don't have $70, I just spent a...
  9. GTR8000

    Butel Software 50% off Black Friday sale

    Butel Software $35 for ARC-XT PRO, that's $5 less than the regular $40 cost of the basic version. :D