1. P

    ARCXT: Not importing GPS Data correctly

    I'm trying to program a BCD996P2 to use location info. I have the option set in ARC-XT to download GPS data, but when I import what I want in the scanner, the GPS data is (out of) whack. Am I doing something wrong or is there this deficiency in the software? (I double checked in Sentinel, the...
  2. A

    First Time Programmer - Need help and answers! :)

    Alright, so I am thinking about getting this scanner -- Uniden Bearcat BC346XT Police Scanner Radio the BC346XT. I am also going to be getting ARC-XT basic for it so I can learn how to program it. I just downloaded the demo to mess around a bit and see what it's like, but I have some questions...
  3. Z

    ARCXT importing P25 from RR

    I am using ARCXT to program a new BCD996XT for the Minnesota statewide public service system (ARMER). If I select all the system talkgroupIDs I need, they import with group headings from the RR listing (like Statewide Interop, Zone 3 Interop, Minnesota National Guard, etc) and since there are...
  4. rvacs

    ARC15 PRO - data into ARC XT

    Hello All, I was hearing that I could take the data from my ARC15 PRO and take it into my new ARC XT for my BCD996xt. I tried Saving and doing an import but the data is not showing up to select. Has anyone done this - any suggestions?
  5. MetalGear753

    New here! Few questions.

    Hello, I am new here. I have had the interest in scanners for a little over a year now. I currently have two scanners that I am familiar with. The first is a handheld brick Pro-62, and a base Pro-2042. They're both just VHF and UHF as far as I know, I can't pick much up, especially here in...
  6. P

    web service question

    I just upgraded my RR to premium to use the web service with my ARCXT software for the BC396XT. However, I do not see anything about it on the website. Can anyone steer me in the right direction how to find it? Also I cannot get past the setup banner on the home page. Is there something...