astro spectra plus

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    Spectra+ Deviation Balance Tuning

    When I try to perform the Deviation Balance (Compensation) test, by the book or as described in this forum, I run into an issue. The Low transmission doesn't yield usable Deviation values to compare the High transmission to. Where it says "wait approximately five seconds for the signal to...
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    Can I use H1446A to remote a digital astro spectra+ D04JKH9SW7AN

    Good afternoon, Can I use H1446A remote kit to remote mount a D04JKH9SW7AN (Digital Astro Spectra+)? Thanks in advance!
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    HKN6155 Programming Cable for Astro Spectra Plus

    Anyone know how I can build a cable myself to program an Astro Spectra Plus? Or can I convert a HKN6184 (which is about half the price new). Or does anyone have a HKN6155 they want to sell?