1. batt14firebuff

    XTL/XTS5000 Looking for someone to create channel announcements for my XTS5000

    Hello! I'm looking for someone that could program channel announcements onto my XTS5000. I'm having some trouble figuring it out, so I thought why not go here. Message me if you can and I'll give you the CPS file as well as what I want the channel announcements to say. Thanks!
  2. AK4FD

    XTL-5000 question

    Hey y’all, Got a quick question that’s boggling my mind. I have an XTL-5000 and every time I power it on manually the screen displays a readout saying “PWROFF NODELAY” for a second and then boots up normally. I’ve tried googling and have gotten nowhere. Can someone tell me what “PWROFF...
  3. S

    Astro25 voice announcement not auto

    Is there a way to setup the radio to only play the voice announcement if I press a dedicated button? question #2 Is there also a way to remove the BEEP sound after the announcement plays?
  4. M

    QCII Motorola XTS5000

    Hey everyone, I have a question to ask about setting QCII on the XTS5000. Back a few years one of the ambulance corps where i volunteered had HT1000 and we used them as our radio and pager. You would be able to use the ABC selector switch as to switch from alerting to tones as A setting was to...
  5. K

    Motorola XTS 2500 with P25

    So I'm hoping someone can help me out here. My dept uses mostly all conventional UHF channels, however for interop reasons we have to add some P25 digital channels to our radios now. I have the radios almost programmed to where I need them. However I'm having issues imputing the NAC's for the...
  6. mous

    P25 Information

    Hi guys, I am new with the P25 technology and I have few questions, so I would appreciate your help. I know that its is a C4FM modulation (FDMA) simulcast and I already know that 3 motorola GTRs are used in the design, on for Control, one is standby and the third is in TX/RX mode; So I want...